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How to Turn Off MacBook Air

If you're new to the world of iOS and recently purchased a MacBook, I can only assume that you're experiencing a lot of difficulties because you're a new user. The first...
system haptics

How to Enable or Disable System Haptics

The haptics feature on the iPhone 7 and later models enhances the user experience when touching or adjusting settings. This function results from the iPhone's integrated hardware (Taptic engine), which generates...

Twitch Offline Banner: How to

Live streaming is one of the most demanded things nowadays. You can use it for business, entertainment, or to spend your leisure time while staying in contact with your audience. But...
WIFI Password

How to Find WIFI Password on iPhone

When a friend requests your wifi password and you have already forgotten it, it can be extremely inconvenient. Since it has been a while, you haven’t shared your wifi or connected...
Message Blocking is Active

How to Fix the Message Blocking is Active on Phone

Nowadays, a frustrating error (Unable to Send Message - Message Blocking Is Active On) is arising for several users on Android and iOS devices. Users cannot deliver their text messages and...
Blooket Live Game

Blooket Codes & How To Join A Blooket Live Game

You might get tired of studying sometimes. Imagine learning your lessons while playing games. That’s what Blooket does. Blooket provides a fun environment for children to interact and learn at the...
YouTube Autoplay

How to Stop YouTube Autoplay While Scrolling

Do you constantly experience YouTube autoplay videos while scrolling through your feed? It can be frustrating because you're using data on your phone or tablet and don't want the ads popping...
IOS 16

How to Get IOS 16 Beta (A Step by Step Guide)

Everyone is excited to try the IOS beta version now that the news has been released. As everyone is aware, IOS is an outstanding operating system with amazing features. In June,...

How to Update Device Drivers with Driver Booster 9?

The majority of the time, drivers are supplied on a CD or DVD together with the component you buy, so by the time you install them, they will be outdated and...
lock a folder in windows

How to Lock a Folder in Windows

Although we've been using Windows for a while, we still don't have an inbuilt windows locker to lock our private folders. This is especially annoying if you share a computer with...
Discord and Xbox Accounts

How to Link Your Discord and Xbox Accounts (A Step by Step Guide)

Microsoft just announced Discord voice chat support for the Xbox console, including Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. The new Discord functionality is currently available for the Xbox insiders through a...
LEGO The Skywalker Saga

Fix LEGO The Skywalker Saga Split Screen Issue When Using Controller

It appears that a lot of LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga players are experiencing some Split Screen issue when playing the game using a controller. Now, this issue has affected...