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Get everything here about how to. The page covers articles about how to tutorials, how to tips and how to do anything. i.e. How make kindle fire run faster.

How to Download Monster Hunter Rise Demo on PC, Features, Quests, Weapons, Bonuses and...

After getting huge success on the popular hybrid console Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Rise is finally available to try out on PC. The Monster Hunter Rise demo is now officially available...
New World

How to Fix New World Error Untrusted System File Steamclient64.dll Error

New World is a new open-world MMO PC game developed by Amazon Games. The game officially made its debut on September 28 for PC and since then a lot of players...

How to Fix FIFA 22, 21 An Error Has Occurred And You Are No...

Seems like a lot of PC players are getting a new error while playing FIFA 22 or FIFA 21 on their PC. The error messages players are getting reads as An...
Back 4 Blood

How to Fix Back 4 Blood Fatal Error on Windows 7

If you are playing Back 4 Blood on a Windows 7 PC and getting a fatal error then read on to this post. In this post today, I will be telling...

How to Unlock Wingsuit & Air Drop Fast Travel in Far Cry 6

We all are pretty much familiar with the role of Wingsuit and its importance in the Far Cry series. Wingsuit has been a part of the Far Cry games for a...
Far Cry 6

How to Build and Upgrade Camp Facilities in Far Cry 6 (All Guerilla Camps)

In our previous post, we talked about how to enable Aim Assist and how to enable Left-Handed mode in the Far Cry 6 game. Today, I will be talking about all...
Far Cry 6

How to Enable Left-Handed Mode in Far Cry 6

In our recent post, we talked about how to enable Aim Assist in Far Cry 6. Do check out the post if you haven't already. In this post, today we will...
Far Cry 6

How to Enable Aim Assist in Far Cry 6

If you are looking for how to enable Aim Assist in Far Cry 6, then this post is for you.As its name suggests, Aim Assist is a feature in FPS games...
League Of Legends

How To Climb Higher Rank In League Of Legends

Elo hell is something we've all experienced. You simply can't seem to win games and gain that delicious Life Points, no matter how hard you try. When you're done with champ...
New Windows 11

How to Download Windows 11?

Microsoft on Thursday released the brand new version of Windows 11 with tons of new features. The new Windows 11 looks so cool with all that new Snap layouts, new themes...
Unbound Thresh

How To Get Unbound Thresh Skin in League of Legends for Free?

League of Legends recently hosted a new Sentinel of Light event that brought lots of new rewards, cosmetic items, and skins to grab including the legendary Unbound Thresh Skin. The Sentinels...

Operation Failed Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer Error 0x0000011b for Windows 10, 9,...

It appears that a lot of Windows 10, 9, 8, & 7 owners are getting a new error message on their PC that's appearing with the error code 0x0000011b. Since, this...