Here is a good news for all Battlefield game lovers, after years of hard work the battlefield team has finally launched today battlefield 4 for PC and PS3.

I know that so many fans of battlefield 4 were waiting for it’s launch and now the wait is over, people who were waiting for battlefield 4 can now purchase or download this game for PS3 and PC.

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Battlefield 4 is Out Now for PC and PS3
Image Credit: Battlefield 

I was also waiting for this game for a long time and now finally I can download and play this game on my PC. I have played it’s previous versions and they all are just awesome and the graphics were so good and I expect more better graphics and game quality for battlefield 4. As it looks great in the trailer.

You can now purchase battlefield 4 game CD from your nearest retail stores and you can also purchase

Battlefield 4 game from PlayStation Store online or you can order it by going directly to the Battlefield 4 official website here. Battlefield 4 is now also available for PC, if you want to play this game on your PC you can download it’s PC version via Utorrent client.

Watch VIDEO : Battlefield 4 is Out Now for PC and PS3

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