7 iPhone applications that Use Facebook Connect

iPhones have been, for a long time, the centre of every technological discussion. However, with the advent of Facebook, and the kind of things possible with it, things have taken a complete turn. Having said this, it is obvious that application development experts all over the world would never rest until they could bring both the ends together.

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5 iPhone applications that Use Facebook Connect
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So, here’s a list of the top 7 free iPhone apps that use Facebook connect to make the most of digital technology.


    1. ThisMoment: ThisMoment is an amazing little app that enables users to create moments which are basically a collage of various videos, pictures and other files. It uses Facebook Connect to sign up and later share these moments.

    2. Trapster: If you need to get somewhere in a hurry and wish to put yourethics on the back seat, Trapster is the app for you. It allows you to speed traps, police cameras and checkpoints. You can use Facebook Connect to share this information and send alerts to your friends as well.

    3. LuckyCal: Lucky Cal allows you to find your Facebook friends while on the road. You can also get intimation of exciting things to do while on the move. You just need to sign in with the help of Facebook Connect to get started.

    4. Top Friends: this free iPhone app allows you to get the details about what’s going on with your best friends. You can designate 5 contacts and then can easily get details of their statuses while on the go.

    5. Scramble: Scramble is a simple but efficient game to increase your word power. However, this one allows you to use Facebook Connect to challenge your friends over the social networking site.

    6. Phonebook: This app uses Facebook connect to bring together your Facebook friends and your iPhone contacts synchronously.

    7. Movies by Flixter with Rotten Tomatoes: this app allows you to view and rate movies and share your reviews with your Facebook Friends.

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