Provide Better Patient Care with an Answering Service

When you work for a medical clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital managing patient care it is critical that calls are answered promptly. Some of the tasks are answering calls, listening to patients, finding medical records, and scheduling appointments. With medical practices becoming more busy and often needing coverage at night hiring a home health answering service often helps the frazzled staff. Often many emergency calls come at night when agencies are short staffed or on call. Having a qualified answering service helps handle these calls professionally.

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Provide Better Patient Care with an Answering Service

Calls can come from patients, or even caregivers who are not calm when calling. A qualified hospice answering service can handle these calls for the medical facility or agency that you work for.


Peak Answering offers a home health answering service that will be able to screen calls to determine emergencies from those callers looking for advice. Many home health answering services provide telemedicine where they can discuss medical problems and make appointments for patients that don’t need immediate care. Often they provide billing information and test results.

When the doctor or medical staff is on call getting those emergency calls quickly is important. A trained medical answering service, like peak, helps you with this problem. When you miss an important call that is a serious emergency this reflects badly on your business. Also, at times staff are not available so having a home health answering company helps relieve the stress of patient calls.

Often these services provide records of calls taken and the action performed. Depending on the amount of calls you get daily, when your staff is not available the service will keep you abreast of important calls. Sometimes when its hard to visit a doctor just having someone answer your calls and give you information is a big help to patients.

Many home health answering services respond to calls via email, phone, webcam, or mobile devices. This means that all your patients reach someone to talk to. When new patients look for a doctor or medical facility, often they use mobile phones and devices to contact you. When they do not get an answer they go on to the next listing. Our service helps retain new patients by giving them information and making appointments.

An agency that knows how to respect medical privacy and practices good HIPAA compliant messaging is very important with medical information. Transfer of important medical data day or night that is secure is often a necessary emergency. These services provide a liaison between doctors, patients, and caregivers.

Most medical services benefit with using an answering service that takes calls 24/7. This means seven days a week 24 hours a day. The medical field can be stressful and exhausting so having a backup for calls relives stress.

Our Service Provides:

  • Routes medical calls to the right person doctor, nurse or medical facility
  • Takes and record all types of calls like appointments, emergencies, lab test results and cancelations
  • Handles emergency calls in a professional and calm manner.
  • Boosts patient satisfaction and often schedules alternative staff like nurses or home health aide when needed.
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