Top 5 Business Intelligence Apps for iPhone.

Mobile Business Intelligence offers capabilities that help in facilitating the mobile workforce for gaining business insights through information investigation by employing apps that are developed by app Development Company especially for mobile devices.

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Top 5 Business Intelligence Apps for iPhone.
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So, here are 5 best Mobile BI apps for iPhone:


1. Roambi Analytics
By MeLLmo Inc.

Roambi Analytics™ revamps the method of interacting, sharing and presenting the information that is related to business in a new and advanced way. This app will lead you to grab information from anywhere and then transforming it into a very simple, addicting, interactive and intuitive way that will be helpful in understanding, presenting and sharing your ideas and achievements. The Roambi Analytics App is a client based app from which users can easily download and interacts with proper visual techniques that are published with the help of a newly added application called Roambi Business, or for clients that have purchased the Roambi Enterprise Server.

2. IBM Cognos Mobile
By IBM Business Analytics

IBM Cognos Mobile will give you the finest method of experiencing and using Bi on your iPhone with very ease. IBM Cognos Mobile will help you in accessing and interacting with all the highly interactive, intuitive, useful and fully featured reports and dashboards, so that user can easily perform decision making through their devices like Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Achieve unimaginable insight through a rich and visual experience whether you are offline or online to make sure that you remain dynamic and industrious in spite of your location. This app will easily get synced with IBM Cognos data through iTunes, through way of email attachments or in a straight line from the Cognos server.

IT section of any business will be surely get overwhelmed by the functional capacity of this app that will help them in leveraging   existing Business Intelligence (BI) data  and a particular administrative environment. This app is constructed on a flexible and established platform; IBM Cognos Mobile app makes sure that the mobile decision making is easy, consistent and safe.

3. Spotfire Metrics for iPhone
By TIBCO Software Inc

Spotfire Metrics will give true meaning to your business mobile, this Bi app is great when you have to check and evaluate your business performance.  TIBCO Spotfire® Metricsoffers handy d quick information regarding the timely KPI,s or also called Key Performance Indicators on any mobile device in both online and offline way. This app is best in monitoring the activities related to your business and also helps in socializing the business related issues with your colleagues in real time in a very easy, safe and sophisticated way.

4. Mobi Office
By Mobi Weave, Inc.

Mobi office is a MS Sharepoint Viewer for iPad and iPhone. This Business Intelligence app for some period is out for personal and evaluation use only, as this edition will help you in viewing documents and other SharePoint lists. This app can be used only if the user has Microsoft Sharepoint or Office 365, installed on their iPhone or iPad.

5. JasperMobile
By Jaspersoft Corp.

JasperMobile is the finest BI app that will help you in keeping connected to your business in spite of your location. This app will give you permission to the interactive report that is extracted from operational apps. So, this app will help you in viewing and interacting with your JasperReports Server v4.7.1 or much better working environment. This application has proper configuration which permits to the application trial cloud environment so, users can get the experience of the functionality of the app in a very swift manner in order to use sample reports. Or can easily connect to their server for viewing their own reports. The other features are, user can run and view reports in HTML or PDF and can also set their favourite list.

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Thus, These Business intelligence apps offers a mobile based method to spot, dig, and analyse organizational information in a better way, and in addition to that it also offers method to evaluate KPIs that are helpful in organizational decision-making and constructing policies for running any business smoothly

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