Ways to Get Trained Across the Globe

Looking for a way to promote development and learning within your organization? Then virtual training is a feasible solution to the challenges of providing complete and ongoing training to the members of an organization. This ease, flexibility and effectiveness have transformed many corporate office learning environments into K-12 education and Top Tier universities. This implementation would enhance learning opportunities and training for every individual.

Ways to Get Trained Across the Globe
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For a successful online training in your organization, have job embedded training, have an engaging environment, offer them an effective hands on experience with it. If the below mentioned four principles are not followed then instead of finding a success it would lead you to frustration.
• Integrated:
If the company caters the training opportunities to get developed as an add-on, i.e. either when you are free from your work or while you is away from the work. This practice won’t be effective as the integrated professional development which has a lasting impact on learners. 
This integrated learning for the learners would engage them with their peers in their daily working activities resulting in new ideas, collaboration, discussion, planning and inquiry. It’s an organization wish to set aside time for the employees so that they could engage in learning or a dedicated time the next day to discuss and implement it at work.
This practical knowledge would let the employees know how the learning work could be applied in their daily work and core mission rather than working on a stuff that has no connection to their work life.
• Interactive:
The learners should always be engaged with the content deeply and it should be meaningful for them. The training should not be at all passive, boring or no overly technical information should be there that frustrates bores or even worse.
For a successful training the learners should be curious over the content leading into critical thinking with the old way of thinking and challenging assumptions. To implement this:
o Link the present problem and illustrate learning by using real life problem.
o Throw scenarios to learners and let them manipulate with different outcomes.
o Instead of writing the content in passive office, write the content in active voice.
This would help you to retain the learners for longer with better overall experience.
• Experience:
Hands-on learning is like a trump card in the book of learning. If the learners have an opportunity to implement the learning in practical situations and practice the new authentic content then this would let your learning last till the last. 
For instance, learners can build models, use simulations, engage in role plays or use digital avatars.
• Effective:
If any of the above mentioned points doesn’t lead you to success then it is better to implement virtual training in your organization. This principle would help you to have proper assessment and analytics. Even after evaluating you think to have more adjustments and implement it for the next group of learners than the positive response from below mentioned question would let you know the future work out:
o Did it meet the objective?
o Is it valuable?
o Have they learners integrated the information into their job?
o Was it effective?
Thus, this virtual training would transform your training programs to lasting, robust and transform it to meaningful learning experience for your learners. With the integration of all the above principle you could have a successful training.

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 Nil Mathew
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Nil Mathew, a blogger and an online SAP training provider is keen to share this blog to his frequent readers who are keen to know the success rate if the remote desktop software is integrated as an add-on to training.

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