Trendy Gadgets for Passionate Drivers

Human beings have a tendency to become attached to things after having them for a long time. Cars are way up the list; some people name them for Pete’s sake! As crazy as it sounds, it is perhaps not too far-fetched. We go through a lot for our cars. We have to continuously renew our driver’s licence, insurance, fuel our cars and not to mention, maintain them for a couple of years.

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Trendy Gadgets for Passionate Drivers
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Young men want something to draw in the ladies, moms want comfortable transport, businessmen want a car that saves time and economists want cars that can run on as little fuel as possible. For the gadget enthusiast, businessman, mom or economist, this article lists some of the latest inventions that will help make your life a little easier behind the wheel, if nowhere else.


Forgot your phone charger at home? Well, No problem; introducing the Over9000 Compact 2.1 Amp USB Car Power Adapter. With this gizmo, not only will you be able to charge your phone using your car’s engine, but you can also charge every person’s phone who is the in the car with you.

How it works
• Connect your device to a USB cable.
• Connect USB cable to over9000.
• Plug into your car’s power output.
• Over9000’s data chip spoofs connection necessary for your device to charge.
• In cases of power surges, device unplugs itself. Your device is therefore always protected.
• It is ideal for camping trips, safaris, long distance journeys or just those folks who wait till the last minute to charge their phones.

There you have it! No more “low battery” beeps from your phone!

We always say “don’t drink and drive”, but sometimes, you are almost positive that you haven’t had one too many. This is one gadget that every driver should have in his or her car, regardless of whether or not they drink. It is the one device that could actually make the difference between getting home in one piece or spending the night in a cell, if you’re lucky. The BAC-track Mobile Breathalyzer allows you to geek out about your drinking in a way that no other piece of technology can do.

How it works
• Blow into the device.
• Wait a few seconds for the device to process your breath.
• Receive an analysis of your Blood Alcohol Content on your iPhone, iPad, or any other Android device.

The best thing is that the device is able to track your blood alcohol content and has an app built into your phone which over time regulates what you send on your iPhone or iPad when you get drunk. There you have it; a gadget that stops you from sending your boss an email about the new time off policy or uploading unflattering photos on your social network. Friday nights are now a one person affair, thanks to this new gadget.

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The hassle of getting a licence has only been reduced slightly since the invention of online driving licence applications, but either way, it’s not hard to understand why people have their car as one of their top priorities.

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