World of Remote Controls Unveiled At Solidremote

Remotes are one thing that makes our life more than easy, just pick them up and press a button your work will be done. They work like magic wands in our lives. There are varieties of remotes available for different purposes and features to choose from. They work for your benefit, make your work easier and faster. Remotes controls and receivers for garage gate, doors and much more are available to support you.

Remotes available in the market can be expensive. The remote’s price varies depending on the purpose it is used for but it is always beneficial to buy remotes directly from factory. Remotes sourced directly from factory are better in quality and support, and are available at lower prices. Be it garage remote, gate remote or remote control duplicator everything is available at reasonable prices at solid remote website. The remotes available are best in quality and meet your everyday needs. You can contact and place your order by choosing from a list of remotes available.

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World of Remote Controls Unveiled At
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Types of Remotes 
Remote Control Duplicator: A 4-button universal RF Remote Control Duplicator also known  as cloner remote or duplicating remote keyfob can be best used for cars , gates , garage , door openers , roller shutters , barriers , home security systems, etc. It’s a remote that can work wonders for you. It can be synched with different remote models if they share same technical specifications such as frequency etc.

Garage Remote: This remote can easily replace your original remote at much lower cost. Garage and gate Remotes of many popular brands like Chamberlain , Merlin , BFT Mitto , DITECH , Sommer , NICE Smilo , Beninca , Allmatic , DEA , Gibidi, FOX , Vario , Etdoor , Proteco , Motorline  , Prastel , Rololore , Nice Flor , King Gate , ATA and Herclift can be replaced by this garage and gate remote.

Garage gate receiver kit: A perfect combination of design and technology this garage gate receiver kit is a must have. With specifications like MICROSHIP micro controllers, ATMEL storage unit and PRINCETON wireless chip this one offer you best in technology and quality. This kit can be used in various universal wireless control applications such as garage door universal receiver, radio remote reverse polarity motor control, wireless electronic controls and much more.

DIY Remote Compatible: Garage and gate remotes of popular brands can be replaced by a rolling code compatible garage and gate remote at half the prices of the original ones.

Professional Transmitters: With cooperation of garage and gate manufacturers, alarm system manufactures etc various kinds of RF remotes are developed to meet the requirements of the customers. Long range remote controls covering a distance of 500m-2000m are also available. They are very useful for applications that require longer remote distance such as industry automation, agriculture automation and wireless communication etc.

Professional Receiver:  Data transmission , alarm and security system , wireless remote control , home electric control , wireless tiys , garage door and gate openers , wireless roller blinds and shutter control , GSM system , industry automation , wireless communication and remote keyless entry etc is supported by RF receiver modules . RF remote control relay also known as RF relay receiver boards can be used to capture and output control signal from any equivalent Ask transmitter.

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The technology used in the remotes is updated and the design is unique. At solid remote it is always quality and customer first. The factory price are very much less than the market price. All you have to do is place a quote to get your desired remote control. Remote controls, transmitters and receiver everything is just a call away.

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