Distributing Digital Content

When distributing digital content over the Internet, one of the main advantages for businesses and publishers is that it reduces costs. Keeping control of overheads is a vital step towards keeping a business profitable, and allowing customers to obtain media online removes a large amount of the expenditure that is associated with physical goods. The other main benefit relates to waiting times, and modern broadband services allow customers to view video and listen to audio instantaneously. Digitaldownloading.co.uk provides all of the necessary tools to make the process as hassle-free as possible, and potential customers can obtain products without having to wait for the postman to arrive.

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Distributing Digital Content
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Digital Downloading has offered a whole new dimension to the movie industry, and it has enabled smaller publishers to operate on the same playing field as the giants of the business. With traditional DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, the initial costs can make it prohibitively expensive to get a physical copy produced – the minimum order amounts alone can make this an infeasible option. Offering video content digitally removes this ‘barrier to entry,’ and publishers can allow their fans to view content within seconds of the media being released. When offering video using the traditional channels, viewers have to wait for their anticipated purchase to arrive, or hit the stores.


For music and other audio content, CDs have spent many years as the ‘number one’ publishing media. However, the Internet now allows music fans to download their favourite tracks, and this has removed one of the biggest irritations for listeners. CDs are designed to be played multiple times, but eventually they tend to wear out and scratch, leading to the purchaser having to pay again for their content. MP3s are entirely digital, and they are not susceptible to any kind of damage. In the event that the data is lost by the customer, businesses can even allow their fans to redownload tracks at no extra charge, and modern DRM protection ensures that the content isn’t distributed without the consent of the publisher.

Book products tend to attract the highest shipping charges, and postal services now base their fees upon both the weight and the dimensions of the item. For some smaller publishers, it can often be unprofitable to offer book content in the traditional manner with excessive postage charges, and digital downloads of the same content help to bypass this expense. While many people would argue that there is no substitute for a traditional book, the modern marketplace is helping to bridge the gap between the written word in physical and digital form.

If a content creator is able to get their masterpiece distributed digitally, the possibilities are endless. A physical product needs to be produced 10,000 times in order to reach 10,000 people – this will only happen if the considerable initial costs are covered. For a digital version of the same product, it only needs to be uploaded once, and the potential target audience is unlimited. This is how the ‘Indie’ company manages to enjoy the same benefits as the established market players, and digitaldownloading.co.uk can assist with all aspects of this.

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