How to Add Different Sizes Advertise Here Banner on Your Blog

Placing an Advertise Here banner ads on your blog could easily get you some extra money from your blog. There are different ways you can make money with your blog and banner advertising is one of them. But it takes time to be able to get any direct adverting offer on your blog from advertisers.

If you have lots of readers and follower list on social media, and if your blog is quite popular on the internet, then you might get offers for direct advertising on your blog, from different advertisers around the world. If you haven’t yet added and don’t know much about how you can start direct advertising on your blog by selling ad pace on your blog, then this tutorial will let you know that, how you can add different types banner ad space to attract new advertiser to advertise on your blog.

Add Different Sizes Advertise Here Banner on Your Blog
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Adding 125 x 125 Advertise Banner Ads On Your Blog: Follow the steps below.

125 x 125 Advertise Banner

1- Go to your blogger dashboard
2- Add a new HTML gadget and copy and paste the following code into gadget and click save.

Note: Use below code to add all type of banners, but don’t forget to change the height and width with different banner size.

<script language=”JavaScript”>
    images = new Array(1);

    images[0] = “<a href = ‘URL OF ADVERTISER‘ rel=’nofollow’ ><img src=’URL OF BANNER’S IMAGE‘ border=’0′ height=’125px’ width=’125px’ alt=’AD DESCRIPTION‘></a>”;

    index = Math.floor(Math.random() * images.length);

Now put your advertisers website URL, if you don’t have advertiser URL then you can add your own advertise us page URL  and then URL of banner image and then if you want you can also add description, but if you don’t want to use description then leave it blank.

To add more than one banner like 4 banner as shown in the image above, First put 4 in place of Array(1) if you want to use 4 banners but if you want to add only banner then just put Array(1), then just add the only middle code three times more, from images[0] to </a>”;  but don’t add more than four banner in one gadget if you want to add more than four gadget then use another gadget and then put the same code again to show four extra banners ads.

How to add a Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 Banner

300 x 250 Banner

To add a 300 x 250 banner just use the same code again and add a new widget and copy paste the above code and just change the height and width from 125 x 125 to 300 x 250 that’s it. Now don’t put two 300 x 250 size code into one gadget, only use one gadget for one 300 x 250 banner.

How to add a Large Rectangle 336 x 280 Banner

336 x 280 Banner

To add a 336 x 280 banner just use the same code as above and just change the width and height from 300 x 250 to 336 x 280 and now save the gadget that’s it. Now don’t put two 336 x 280 size code into one gadget, only use one gadget for one 336 x 280 banner.

How to add a 468 x 60 Banner

468 x 60 Banner

Use the same code again and just change the width and height to 468 x 60 and save the gadget.

How to add a 728 x 90 Leaderboard Banner

728 x 90 Leaderboard Banner

To add a 728 x 90 size banner use the same above code and just change the width an height to 728 x 90 That’s it. Also if you want to add a Skyscraper banner then just do the same as you have done above, just change the width and height to 160 x 600 and you are done.

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Your advertiser should provide banners image URL that they want to add on your blog, but if they don’t provide URL of their banner image, then you can use any free image hosting website like flicker to get your image URL.

Final words:
You can use the above one code to add any type of banner on your blog but just don’t forget to change the width and heights according to the banner type. To add 4 unit of 125 x 125 size banner in a gadget just use the above code use the middle code three time more as i have shown above in red and it will add 4 units of 125 x 125 banner ads on your side bar.

Please leave us your feedback if you like this post, or you can ask anything if you are having any trouble adding banners ads on your blog.

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