Finding a Future in IT: Jobs You’ve Never Considered

Looking to enter the tech field? There are many jobs available for the tech-savvy, such as software engineer and network manager, but those have been around for years. Due to various advances and new technologies, this field has dramatically changed in the last decade. This has led to many new careers and positions. While some of them might sound like traditional tech jobs, their focus has changed based on present needs.

 IT Jobs
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Industry Changes
You should understand the current tech industry so you know what these careers entail. In the past, most tech jobs focused on desktops and networks. While those are still important in today’s tech environment, most careers are also focusing on cloud servers and mobile technology.

These two advances have made major changes in the last few years. Social media, user-generated content, and online marketing have also created unique opportunities for technical workers. If you want to get a job in this industry, then you must understand how these technologies work, and how to use them to satisfy a business’s needs.


Dream Alchemist
While it might sound strange, this is a real job that’s perfect for those who love computers and art. You will often need two degrees in art and computer science, and many companies require several years of director-level experience. The responsibilities of this career differ depending on the company, but you’ll typically be in charge of working with images and digital models.

If you work for a film company, you’ll probably make digital copies of sets, costumes, and advertising images. If you work for a video game company, then you’ll have to make character models and design landscapes. The dream alchemist oversees the entire design staff while also creating budgets and finalizing programming decisions.

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BYOD Director
Due to many workers wanting to bring their own smartphones and tablets to work, numerous companies have been forced to adopt a BYOD policy. While this is cheaper in one way because the company doesn’t have to provide devices, the potential security issues can make this policy quite expensive. Companies need someone to protect these devices.

A BYOD director is responsible for maintaining mobile hardware security by utilizing proper antivirus programs and creating policies for workers. You might also be responsible for holding internal seminars on device security, and scanning devices for viruses and malware.

Mask Designer
Also known as integrated circuit designers, this is a traditional tech job that has changed drastically due to mobile technology. Integrated circuits are used in nearly every type of device, such as powerful servers and consumer products with basic electronics. Mobile technology has forced mask designers to create smaller circuits while maintaining the same amount of power as larger circuits. You will have to learn how to properly diagram circuits and ensure that they are safe for consumer or business use.

Ethical Hacker
Ethical hackers have been indispensable as long as hacking became an issue for companies. Sometimes the best way to test a network’s security is to break through it. Your job will be to hack the company’s system and find any pitfalls or errors that make it easier for you to penetrate the network.

If hacking is a hobby or dream of yours, then ethical hacking is the best thing you can do. The training is basically the same, and there are numerous computer science Master’s degrees online dedicated to this subject. The only major difference is that you’re trying to improve the company’s digital security by discovering and exploiting its weaknesses. Nearly every major tech company has an army of ethical hackers working on the main system, new products, and various other systems.

The tech industry has many unique careers and positions, but these are some of the most interesting jobs that you can find. If you’re interested in being artistic, hacking systems or making the next big smartphone, then consider one of these careers.

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