With technology advancing at a rapid rate, and more people looking to increase the efficiency of their home, there are a number of different available for homes and families. These gadgets are fun to use and make it easy to have a habitable space. You are able to enjoy the functionality or design that is offered, and bring your home into the 2st century more fully. Now is the time to decide which products will be the most useful to everyone in your home.

Deebot Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Long gone are the days when you had to spend time vacuuming each floor of the house or bend over to pick up crumbs off the kitchen floor. Robot vacuum for carpets are battery operated and stay mobile throughout the day with sensors that allow them to conveniently maneuver around objects and furniture. This way you can do a quick clean up before a party without the deep cleaning work.

Sonos Wifi Speakers
Enjoy listening to music in different areas of your home with wifi speakers controlled with a smartphone device. Users can enjoy the look and functionality of the standalone speakers and a simple app that connects to iTunes. These speakers can easily blend into your home and this way you can stay free of bulky wires and cords.

Nest Labs Thermostat
This modern thermostat is connected to your home’s wifi and remembers the temperatures you prefer at certain times of the year. It can be managed on a tablet, computer, or smartphone, and will even adjust the temperature on its own while you’re away from the property, saving you a lot on your heating bills.

Piper Smart Alarm System
To enhance your home’s security, smart alarm systems connect to the Internet and use cameras, built-in motion sensors, and sirens to safeguard the premises. According to Astro Guard Alarms Vancouver Ltd, certain products can even be controlled from a smartphone or tablet while you’re away, for security 24/7. Talk to a Vancouver security systems specialist about which ones will be best for your size of the home.

LeakSmart Water Valve
Perhaps one of the most effective methods of preventing water damage is the LeakSmart Water Valve, which monitors the pipes and water systems 24-hours a day. It connects to your wifi network and sends an alert if a pipe is blocked, or a leak is detected in a specific area on the property.

When it comes to home technology, there are a number of products that offer security and efficiency throughout your abode. By adding the gadgets to space, and using them each day, it can make for a comfortable environment that is easy to operate and spend more time in.