Bandridge Speaker Cables
The speaker cable is used to make an electrical connection between loudspeakers and audio amplifiers. It consists of two or more electrical conductors that are individually insulated with plastic or rubber. Most commonly, it comes in the form of a zip cord. The most important characteristic of the speaker wire is the electrical resistance.The main parts of the speaker cable consist of an outer jacket, a filler, insulation and inner conductors. It has high power and low impedance. It is built to carry a strong signal from your amplifier to the speakers. It is equipped with two conducting wires that have a relatively larger diameter in order to allow greater signal flow.

Bandridge provides high-quality speaker cables for efficient delivery of sound and signal. With innovative and competent technology, it has mastered the art of consumer electronic connectivity. Meticulously designed for efficient usage, these speaker cables form a crucial part of the electronic devices for better output and sound impedance. Typically, a Bandridge speaker cable has two stranded copper conductors that are covered with insulation, twisted with fillers and sheathed with an overall jacket.

Size of the speaker cable
The required size of the speaker cable depends on the load impedance, length of the cable and amount of power loss. Unlike microphone cables, the speaker cable carries high current load. It has a larger diameter to sustain the current flow. So, the Bandridge speaker cable is specially designed keeping in mind the required factors for an efficient cable.

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How does Bandridge speaker cables reduce the power loss? 
The Bandridge speaker cables are innovatively designed to perform efficiently. They minimise the resistance of cabling by using the large conductors. This avoids unnecessary connectors and makes sure that the mechanical connections are clean and tight. Hence, the speaker cables from Bandridge provide lesser cables, which in turn helps in reducing the power loss.

The capacitance of Bandridge cables
The low impedance nature of speaker circuits makes cable capacitance a minor factor in the overall performance. The most crucial aspect while insulating the speaker cable is probably heat resistance. It requires the insulation and coating to be thin but tough.

Polyethylene tends to meet easily while thermostat materials like rubber are expensive. The speaker cables from Bandridge use PVC as it helps achieve thickness of the wire walls. PVC can be mixed in a variety of ways to enhance the shrink resistance and flexibility.

The speaker cables from Bandridge provide all the factors that are required in the best cable wires. With an expertise of over two decades and impact on the global market of 55 nations, Bandridge is a trusted brand all across the globe.

It is equipped with specially-designed features to accommodate high resistance and power load. It reduces the power consumption and ultimately leads to power saving. Pick your preferred Bandridge speaker cable and enjoy the experience of simple and easy connectivity.

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