VoIP services can help call centers increase their profits and curtail their expenses. This improved telephony service can even improve communications between calling agents and customers. There are several services offered by VoIP which include long-distance calling, internet calling, online chat service, and numerous other features.

The call
centers must carry out thorough research before choosing for the best VoIP service
provider. In this blog post, we shall have a look at the top 3 call center software
based on criteria such as pricing, user reviews, call quality, features, expert
ranking, etc. Here is the list of the 3 top call center software of 2015 ranked
according to the above criteria:

Simple yet extremely
powerful, Vocalcom is a call center software application that helps in
increasing the productivity and ease of work. The users of this efficient
software can avail of the web-based interface that offers intelligent
routing features. Agents can use the tabbed records required for
supporting the customers.

There is a definite advantage of using tabbed records
where the agents can avail details about an account accurately and
speedily. Efficient and speedy access to customer data brings down the
client customer interaction quite significantly. The decrease in interaction
time implies that the agents can comply with the rules set for handling
customers in a better manner.

The best thing about this application is that the
Vocalcomprograms can be easily tagged with other applications like Salesforce,
Oracle and MS Dynamics.

Industry experts prefer Vocalcomover
other call center software providers because this application has a very
positive impact on the businesses that offer customer service. Industry data
reveals that it has helped companies improve their handling time by almost 34
percent. Agencies can improve their productivity by 41 percent.

facilitates the resolution of first call 37 percent more frequently when
compared with any other call center software available in the market.

interesting features offered by the software are multiple touch points, social
media communication, website integration, and chat applications. The pay-as-you-go
payment structure offered by Vocalcom saves the hassles of legal contracts.

8×8, Inc. is the second in
the list of best call-center software of 2015 because it can be implemented
without any hassles. This VoIP service uses a very user-friendly interface
that both the agents as well as managers can easily use.

Using this software
the call center executives can make or receive international calls from any
corner of the world. The operations carried out using the software are PCI or
CPNI compliant and maintains all the standards laid down in the FISMA and HIPPA
privacy requirements.

Virtual contact center offered by 8×8, Inc. is focussed on
improving customer service that improves brand reliability.

When it comes to
affordability, there is no other call center software that can beat SafeSoft
Solutions. User can avail of this VoIP service by paying only a flat monthly
rental and avoid the obvious setup fees.

Organizations can set up the
system with minimum efforts and without having to worry about high subscription
fees. SafeSoft Solutions offers unlimited calling for both inbound as well as
outbound calls while providing a free trial for the predictive dialer.

Organizations that want to achieve their sales targets and reach customers
under a certain quota can do so with the predictive dialer.

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