In this time and age, it is practically impossible to fall under the radar and go undetected. From the government to our cell phone service networks to the creators of our cellular devices, everyone is trying to take a peek into our personal matters. With so many hunters trying to chase us down, it is virtually impossible for anyone to hide unless we are uncivilized cannibals living in the remote parts of the Sahara Desert or the Amazon Rain Forest.

Still, most of us can rest easy knowing that when the government, our cellular network services or loved ones, like our parents, etc. install spy software on our cell phones and computers, they do it out of care (and to avoid a possible lawsuit). It is a big bad world out there and spy applications might just be some of the most effective ways to help them keep track of us and ensure our safety, rather than to exploit our privacy.

5 Best Ways to Spy proof your Smartphone
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Thus, to keep those individuals away from you who might have malicious reasons for installing spy software onto your devices and to keep your privacy and the privacy of your loved ones safe, consider adopting the following measures.

1. Strong Passwords
A good strong password, whether it is to your email account or to access smartphone, is the first line of defense against any sort of attack. Thus the password to your device needs to be strong enough to deter any potential attack, yet easy enough that your finger know it, becoming a part of your Implicit memory rather than explicit.
Plus, various smartphones and laptops are now equipped with a fingerprint scanner which makes it quite a bit to break into such devices.

2. Install Reliable Anti-virus and Anti-Malware Software
Anti -virus and anti-malware software are usually quite apt at weaseling out any unauthorized access to your cellular devices and computers. Thus, if you have good anti-virus software installed on your smartphone, the first thing it is going to do is not allow anyone to install spy software on your device. Secondly, if by some miracle someone was able to bypass the protective stance of your anti-virus and anti-malware programs since it was uninstalled or temporarily deactivated, once the program get access to your device again, it will weed the spy software out and ruin it, much like how The Avengers and Agents of SHEILD ruins nasty intentions of evil people in the bud to protect our world from a much weirder world.

3. Avoid Public Wi-Fi
Public Wi-Fi is like the hub where potential hackers love to hang out to look for their next victim. They are like predators really, using the lure of the free Wi-Fi (which today holds quite an appeal, especially for the younger generation) to draw unsuspecting and clueless little prey in and once they go get pulled in, they exploit them in every single way possible.

From invading personal privacy to exploiting personal data and then to stealing confidential information like the social security number and bank accounts and passwords, technology has provided hackers with countless means to do whatever they feel like doing. But when such malicious and twisted people begin to use spy software as a means to an end that is when the whole thing turns into a completely different ball game.

Earlier, as long as you were connected to the public Wi-Fi, hackers had a chance to look into your private and sensitive data. But since most public Wi-Fi hotspots happen to be at locations like the coffee shop, café, diners or fast-food joints situated around the corner, the maximum time frame you’d give any potential hacker could last somewhere around 15 minutes to half an hour. This time frame, although not large is just sufficient enough for a hacker to just skim through your private stuff. But, just for a second, imagine that a hacker, instead of looking through your stuff in this short timeframe, installs a vicious spy software onto your device and gets unlimited, remote access to all your data as long as he wants to? You cannot even comprehend how bad that can be to your wellbeing. Thus, do not connect to a public Wi-Fi, no matter how big the allure is.

4. Do not Jailbreak or Root your Device
If you are confused about which spy software to choose in order to monitor your children, well, choose the one that doesn’t require you to jailbreak your child’s iPhone or root their smartphone. The thing is, if any software, whether it is a spy application or not, cannot be installed unless the device is jailbroken or rooted essentially means that there is something fishy about the said software. Thus, never ever choose software, for your own cell phone safety, that you have not obtained from a reliable source and requires you to go through inappropriate channels to get to an end.

5. Avoid installing Applications from Unreliable Resources
With the technological evolution, business owners as well as many frequently used application stores like the apple app store and the Google Play have come up with a number of methods to screen for bad, malware infested apps and keep them from reaching their customers and tarnishing their name. Yet, some application creators are pretty cunning in this regard. They come up with such seemingly pristine applications that pass right through the app store’s screening process and ends up for grabs on said stores.

Thus, the best thing you can do in such situations is look up the spy application that you are planning to buy online and weight its pro and cons against other spy software available.

The Bottom Line
It may sound like a pesky job to add to the long lists of tasks that you have to do, still, it is important that you take care of your personal safety. The creation of spy software, although handy in some ways now, was not always designed to be so. They were created with vicious intentions to peep into other’s business and exploit their privacy for personal gain. And remember, it can still be used for that purpose. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry in such scenarios.

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