We’ll be discussing here about the five main features of the recently unveiled iPhone SE from the Cupertino based company ‘Apple Inc’. The device will attract more customers who are not so fond of large screens and like to use their smartphones single handedly.

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So, here we’ll be talking about the five things you must know about the all–new iPhone SE which are mentioned below:

1. Small screen
As discussed above, this device is not for big screen lovers and the iPhone SE comes with same 4 inch display similar to older models. Moreover, the company’s sales of 30 million devices (4 inch screen) justifies the company’s decision of not not changing  its small screen iPhone range since it revealed the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in 2013.

iPhone SE: 5 Things You Must Know About
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2. Smart A9 processor
Yes, the Smart I Phone SE as expected comes with a smarter processor and the company’s own A9 chipset. So, this is what makes the iPhone SE have an edge over it’s competitors and the most important point being the faster processor in a smaller iPhone. So, practically speaking, you can run more powerful apps at the same speed as the iPhone SE 5’s bigger counterparts.

3. Camera skills
Go for a high quality picture with the new iPhone SE with a 12 megapixel effort with True Tone flash.Also included is the support for Apple’s clever Retina Flash function, which uses the iPhone SE’s screen as an additional flash when you’re taking selfies or other images with the front–facing FaceTime camera.

iPhone SE Camera skills
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Hence, the camera features for this 4 inch smaller phone is as good as the larger model with the throw in support for Live Photos and the ability to record and edit ultra high definition 4K video.

4. Storage capacity available in 16GB and 64 GB but not in 32 GB
The Cupertino based company is offering 16 GB and 64GB storage options for iPhone SE and interestingly again there is no 32 GB model. The motive seems to make customers purchase a more capacious phone up front. Moreover, a larger storage capacity will be required for users storing Live Photos and 4K video and people using 16GB iPhone SE will find themselves out of storage very quickly indeed.

Check Out the Video Below if you are going to buy this.

5. Its cheaper but not really a budget smartphone
The iPhone SE might seem affordable at price of £359 for an entry–level 16GB model in comparison to iPhone 6s which comes at price of £539. Although iprecise contract prices are not available, but this will not be a budget phone in any way.

The Pre–orders start on March 24th, before the iPhone SE lands on shelves on March 31st.

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