Samsung Pay Now Available in Singapore

Samsung Pay in Singapore, The South Korean giant on Friday expanded its mobile payment service to world’s fifth country by launching the Samsung Pay in Singapore.

Samsung Pay Now Available in Singapore
Now users in Singapore will be able to make their payments on any retail stores where credit and debit cards are accepted by tapping or swiping their smartphones.

“We are extremely excited that Samsung Pay is now available in Singapore. As the first market in Southeast Asia to roll out our mobile payment service, Singapore will pave the way for the region’s adoption of Samsung Pay,” said Stephen Suh, President, Samsung Electronics Singapore.


Samsung pay makes it easy to pay for your goods or services and all of your payments made by using the Samsung pay are also secured because Samsung Pay uses an encrypted digital token for each of the separate transaction that replaces your sensitive card information and prevents you from any fraud.

Samsung pay also allows you to make your transaction more secure by registering your fingerprint or by interring the PIN to get the authorization for making the payment.

Samsung said that users in Singapore will also be able to use Samsung Pay for transactions above $100.

Here you can find the Galaxy smartphones which will support Samsung pay in Singapore.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4G+, S6 edge+ 4G+, S7 4G+ and S7 edge 4G+ beginning on June 16 in Singapore.

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