3 Ways to Find The Right Employees for Your Small Business

It would seem that a large number of small business owners are having the same problem and that is finding the right people to work for them. A survey was carried out recently and this found that a huge 60% of business owners stated that they had found it difficult finding the required skilled workers to fill their vacant positions.

Large companies have a whole department that exists solely for the purpose of finding the right person for their unoccupied positions. So as a small business, what can you do about this matter?

How to Find the Right Employees…

1. Show them why they should be working for you
At the outset, you have to show the prospective employee why it is that they should want to come and work for you.

There is a good chance that hiring the right candidate will require from you a greater financial investment than your firm can afford. So you will have to focus and sell hard the non-monetary motivations to make it the best decision for them to come work for you.

Thus you will have to put a greater emphasis on such things as the higher ability to advance without having to work around the usual red tape of a large corporation or the internal politics of it all. It may be that your firm has a great social atmosphere, and this can be sold as a thought to the candidate as a place for having great fun – if so, sell it and sell it hard.

Or if by coming to work for you, this will give the candidate greater exposure to their professional development – if so, then focus on this.

So basically you have to make sure that you make yourself attractive to the candidate. And make sure you attract them for different reasons than just money.

2. Hire the Best of the Best of the Best
Sorry, yes, you did read that correctly, you will need to recruit them. And hiring the incorrect person can and will drain the resources that you have – fast.

So what is the worst part for a small business owner after hiring the wrong person for the job? What’s the worst activity for small business owners after a bad hire? Yes, it is firing the employee.

If you do make a bad judgment when you hire, there is a good chance that you will sooner or later have to fire the individual.

All this can be exhausting emotionally, even made worse when the employee does not understand that she or he deserve to be fired, and they can drain those precious resources and you will have to go through the whole process again.

So when you do recruit, be very very choosey. As this will mean that you are in a relationship with your employees for a long time, hopefully. And you cannot afford to hire the wrong person.

3. Employ the Right Hiring Methods
Placing your job vacancy just willy-nilly on the internet will bring you a plethora of applications. Getting hundred or heaven forbid thousands of applications can be totally overwhelming for you, making the selection process even more difficult for you – and you most probably don’t want that.

So, the best way to recruit is to use a more targeted approach, via social media so you get the attention of those job seekers that are local to you. Or use a site such as LinkedIn, and here you can be very specific in your search for a candidate.

Or another option to hire that needed and talented worker is to use an employment agency. The good thing about using an employment agency is that they do all the work for you, the weeding out the testing.

And then offer you the pick of the most suitable candidates for you, which then you can see on a face 2 face basis and make your decision. And thus lessen the chance of hiring the wrong person.

A point for you to remember – education and experience do matter, but all these can mean nothing if the prospective candidate cannot do things your way. And to be sure of that you need to observe how they do the work first.

And the last small piece of advice: Trust your hunches.


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