A family trip to the movie theater can cost more than $100 if you’re not paying attention. You do not have to waste money on popcorn and movie tickets though, you can have the movie theater experience without paying for the expensive movie tickets.

In the past, a simple flat screen television could give you a great home theater experience, but technology is always changing. Here are five devices that can improve your home theater experience and bring you a real theater right at home.

Best Home Entertainment Technology on the Market Today

A decade ago, a DVD player was a simple and popular home entertainment device, but the technology has become outdated. Blu-ray players are a home entertainment system necessity. Blu-ray discs have a better picture quality and in addition, most Blu-ray discs have more storage space. They also are able to play DVDs so your existing collection won’t be so obsolete either.

Digital Video Recorder
VCRs are bulky and outdated. If you want to record TV shows, you need a digital video recorder. A DVR can record your favorite shows and you can skip the commercials. You can also replay your favorite scenes. Unlike a VCR, a DVR uses sophisticated recording technology and is perfect for a night in of your choice in shows.

Smart Televisions
A smart television can give you a crystal-clear picture. It can also give you instant access to streaming services. Most smart televisions come with hundreds of paid and free channels. You can purchase a premium channel subscription, or watch the free specialty channels.

Streaming Devices
If you do not want to purchase a smart television, you can purchase a streaming device. A streaming device can convert a regular television into a smart television. The device plugs into the television, and it has a separate remote control. Streaming devices have hundreds of free channels, and the devices can work with a wireless or Ethernet connection.

Most flat screen televisions have a quality internal sound system, but you still cannot hear everything. If you want to hear everything that happens in the movie, you should purchase a great surround sound system. You can purchase a single speaker, or you can purchase a collection of speakers and subwoofers.

These devices are available in a variety of prices, so you are likely to find a device that is within your budget. Your home entertainment system devices are important assets, and you should protect your assets with home security system basics. Make your home theater a one-of-a-kind experience with these devices.