4 Best Ways to Save Your Mobile Data While Watching YouTube Videos

YouTube is a video sharing platform that doesn’t require any introduction as we all are familiar with this very well and use it to watch videos on it. But, watching videos on YouTube also requires and burns lots of mobile data if you watch a lot of videos on YouTube on a daily basis. So, how to save your mobile data while watching videos on YouTube?.

Well, don’t worry, there are different ways you can use to save your mobile data while watching YouTube videos on your Android device, below we have lined up different ways which you can use to save your mobile data on your device.

1- YouTube Go App

First, comes YouTube Go, a new app from YouTube, which was announced back in September last year and has now been recently launched in India as a beta version to download. The YouTube Go app lets you search, watch and save your favorite YouTube videos on your Android device.

The app also consumes much less mobile data to play YouTube videos on your device. The YouTube Go app is a really great app for users in India and areas with slow internet connection.

With this app, you will not be able to watch YouTube videos in full HD or higher version formats like 2k or 4k but you will be able to watch Your favorite videos in two available video quality mode Basic and Standard, which plays videos quite good on your low-speed internet connection and also helps you save your mobile data.

2- Saving Videos with YouTube Go App

Most of you always watch videos on YouTube, again and again, some time for any of your favorite videos and every time you burn your mobile data to watch that video without remembering that you could also save that video.

So, why to use your mobile data, again and again, every time you watch a video? with YouTube Go app you can save your favorite videos on your Android device very easily so you can watch that video later without burning your mobile data again. To save a video just click on the video you want to save now choose Save instead of the Play option that’s it.

3- Taking Video Offline

To save your mobile data you can also use the save option on the YouTube app to take the video offline so you can watch them later without using your mobile data.

To take a video offline on YouTube app just click on the video you want to watch now look for the save option just below the video as a fourth option and then choose from the available video quality option to save the video on your device and minimize the YouTube app window. After the save is complete you can now watch the video again and again without using your mobile data.

4- Using Screen Recorder

To save your data on your Android device you can also take help of any screen recorder app on your device, my favorite is AZ Screen Recorder for Android. Now how it will save your mobile data while watching videos on YouTube right? well, this is pretty easy, with a screen recorder app you can capture your device screen so you can also capture the video playing on your screen right?.

So, in this way you can just open up the recorder and start the recording and then go to YouTube app and play the video you want to save or watch again and again now choose the video quality and play it in full screen and just let the recorder app record the full video until its end. By this way, you can also save your videos on your device to watch it later again and it will save your data too.

Let me know how you like the post if you know any other ways to save mobile data while watching YouTube videos then do share with us in the comments down below.


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