David And Goliath – How Small Businesses Win The Fight

Small Businesses

Starting your own business in your very own home can feel very much like a David and Goliath story. It’s easy to fear that your story might easily end with David getting squashed underfoot. But here we’ll teach you how to sling that metaphorical rock and sling it well. This is how you level the playing field and beat the big guys.

Presentation counts

You need to eradicate the negative bias of being a smaller company. For instance, if you’re meeting a potential lead, you don’t want to hand out a business card that says ‘CEO’. Nor do you want to be dressed in casual clothes. Be professional and create the illusion you’re part of a bigger professional outfit. You can even use sites like yourvirtualofficelondon.co.uk to make a proper office address part of that illusion.


Make buzz

You don’t have the sheer marketing budget that a lot of bigger businesses have. So you need to put time into it, instead. You need to get in touch with influencers and get them to cover your product. Offer them a free trial or an affiliate’s scheme for instance. Get active on social media and give your followers reasons to be loud. Whether it’s competitions or asking for their feedback. People want their opinions to be heard, so give them the stage for it.

Have a team

If you’re working from home or in a tiny office, you might imagine you don’t have the ability to deal with employees. But remote working is here to prove you wrong. Get your administrative, information and communication jobs done by someone else. Make sure you’re using proper communication and task-sharing programs to keep them productive, too. For some people, the ability to work from home is the kind of job flexibility they’ve been dreaming of. Don’t assume you have to be stuck on your own.

Band together

Small businesses stick together. That’s the truth of the matter. They benefit from sharing information, referrals, and resources. They cross-promote and supply one another at great rates because it’s an easier way to deal with the hard times. You need to look at sites like business-network.co.uk to find your kindred spirits.

Stand apart

As we’ve said, you don’t have the budget of bigger businesses. You can’t offer the broad range of services that they can. So instead, you need to offer services that go deeper. Research your competitors. Find the services that they’re not as focused on in their marketing and delivery.

Then make that your niche. Specialize in exactly the kind of thing that they can’t. Being unique is the best defence you can have against being small. It also makes for great marketing.

Beating your competitors is about turning your weaknesses into advantages. You don’t have an office so you can offer employees a more flexible workstyle. You don’t have the breadth of your bigger competitors, so you can go deeper into a niche. A smaller business’s perspective is the best weapon you have. Use it and beat the giant.

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Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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