Before we enquire about the tendency of today’s businesses of adopting SIP trunking, let us at first know what actually SIP trunking is in the first place. SIP trunk is can be defined as a logical connection, which uses a Session Initialization Protocol or SIP for setting up a communication hierarchy over the internet between a customer or user location and the ITSP or Internet Telephony Service Provider.
SIP Trunk, technically speaking is designed to transfer the SIP calls to a PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network.
Why Businesses Adopts SIP Trunking in Big Numbers

This technology is specially designed to help to make of the regular local, STD, as well as international calls at no extra cost. Hence, the technology is a welcome relief for the small sale business houses or business houses, which run businesses with a shoestring budget and a shallow financial coffer. In short, SIP can be defined as a real-time communication mechanism for the VoIP system.

Effective as well as uninterrupted communication is the most crucial aspect of any business at present. If business houses are not able to seamlessly interact with their customers and keep in constant touch with their associates, they are in no position to hold back their customers.

They will invariably lag behind in the cut-throat competition that is prevailing in the market today. The latest SIP trunking technology communication is not only fast and efficient but is extremely cheap, so much so that each and every business house, regardless of its financial coffer, can avail it.

This is particularly helpful for the companies that have their branches and business units scattered over various locations of the world. Even making unlimited international calls makes hardly any difference for they cost as little as the local calls.

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After the introduction of the VoIP technology, businesses today are able to make and receive local as well as an international call over a broadband connection. This allows them to make free or cheap calls even from remote areas, or from places that are nowhere near the centralized location of the business.

The hosted VoIP technology also comes up with a wide range of tailor-made or customized value-added features or benefits that perfectly suit the business needs of the businesses.

However, even though this technology comes up with a wide plethora of benefits, a number of business organizations still hold themselves back from replacing their traditional PBX communication system with the VoIP based system, largely due to the apprehension that the transformation will make them lose their control over the personal PBX system.

This is where the SIP trunking makes the difference, and this is why more and more companies today are adopting the SIP trunking system.  This technology provides the companies the option of preserving the traditional PBX communication system while they run the hosted VoIP based communication system effectively.

So it can well be said that the SIP trunking helps in a seamless marriage between the PBX based and VoIP based telecommunication system. Let us look into some of the benefits of SIP Trunking – or in other words, the reason why more and more companies are switching over the SIP Trunking.

⦁ SIP Trunking reduces the telecommunication costs on separate voice and data connections, thereby increasing the benefits for having in place a communication system that uses both data and voice together.

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⦁ This technology comes up with a lot of potential of serving an entire business organization, regardless of its scale of operation. MNCs and multi-size organizations can use a solitary SIP trunking account instead of running multiple PRI connections, which would have significantly increased the cost quotient.

⦁ With the growth of the business, the communication can also expand with the need of investments for gateway or card.

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