Portable Document Format or PDF for short is probably the best piece of software that Adobe has ever created which brought to us a lot of innovations such as being able to create, share and store a large number of information of various types such as images, text, and graphics in a single file for convenient use.

The ability to share large amounts of content over multiple devices is of primordial importance as we live in an age in which information needs to travel as fast and as exact as possible without being altered to every corner of this planet. Adobe is capable of supporting over three hundred file types and judging by this it is with no surprise that it is the preferred software when it comes to data transfer and sharing.

A lot of information can be received, sent and created as it comes in electronic format and software such as soda editor help a lot in the process of editing the respective file. Users are able to edit and select their preferred font style from a wide array of choices. One can also modify the default font attribute to options such as bold, italic and underline the text.

If your PDF file contains more information than it is necessary one also has the option of completely remove entire parts of the file from the clipboard by selecting an item in the PDF and by making use of the Cut function completely remove the part from the file. The process can also be done vice-versa as you can copy any type of content such as image and text from a different PDF file and paste it into the desired one.

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When it comes to Pages, one can easily re-arrange or delete any page from a PDF with Move and Delete features. If you happen to have a PDF file which has a lot of pages in front of you, opt for the extracted feature which enables the extraction of certain pages from the active PDF.

When it comes to security, PDF files are bullet-proof as one does not need to worry if a co-worker or worse, the whole internet gets hold of your precious data. These files can be password protected as well as encrypted to make sure that nobody has access to the content which one has created without proper authorization.

The ability to be able to edit, convert or simply create new PDF files is extremely easy and will only take one a few clicks offers users around the world a lot of flexibility when it comes to finishing heavy workloads, drafts or deadlines on time.

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