The 21st century really is a wonderful time to be alive. Technology has really taken off. The internet boom is finally here, with various technologies such as various social media platforms, making use of the internet to connect with users worldwide.

The internet age has made the information age a reality in our time. With all the revolution that is happening, it has become imperative that one should possess certain skills that will not only make them competitive at their place of work but will also make them belong in the 21st century. Such skills are known as digital literacy skills.

Skills which if you possess will give you the ability to easily manoeuvre in the digital world. Below are 5 skills that will make you a digital literary.

1. Touch typing
Both homes and the workplace have changed. It is imperative that one has a form computer at their disposal for communication purposes. One has the option of owning a laptop, smartphone or tab. With these tools, it is important for one to have the right typing skills that will help them communicate seamlessly.

This makes touch typing very important. Touch typing refers to a typing skill where one does not have to keep on visually referring to a keyboard while they are typing. Such a skill makes one type faster therefore making such individuals very effective. This makes touch typing a very important skill to learn.

Thankfully, there are various resources available online that can help you easily learn how to touch type. It would, however, be advisable for one to have an idea of how fast they type by taking a quick and easy online typing test. This will help them know how fast they have to get in order to become a touch typer.

2. Social Media management
Social media has become an important part of technology. It is an important part of the digital economy and plays a crucial role in the dissemination of information. Social media platforms easily contribute towards the information age. This makes it very important that one should have social media management skills.

One should be able to easily open social media accounts, post relevant information on these platforms that will help them gain a significant amount of friends or followers. One should also be able to integrate or connect various social media accounts together to create the perfect online presence.

Knowledge of social media skills easily makes one digital literate because they possess the requisite skills to be able to effectively communicate and connect with the world.

3. Creating online content
This being the information age, it is imperative that one has the requisite skills to create online information that easily is accessible by anyone in the world. Creating online content is a very important digital skill for every person to have.

One should be able to not only develop content on social media but also learn how to create and post information on blogs that are going to capture the attention of readers on the WebSphere.

One should also be able to create and edit both digital audio and digital video to share on the various video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. Such a skill is very important since it helps one be an active contributor to the information age.

4. Coding
Coding has become an integral part of the information age. Coding simply refers to writing software code. Writing software code enables one to be able to develop websites, develop a smartphone application for the various operating systems that are available. Coding also helps one develop desktop applications which serve various purposes.

Knowledge of various software development languages easily makes it very easy to develop relevant software that is going to solve various problems that we face on a day to day basis. This easily makes the software development a very important digital skill.

5. Search engine optimization
One of the most important and often overlooked skills for digital literacy is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization refers to the process that goes into improving the SEO page ranking of a certain web page or an entire website.

As much as developing digital content is very important, one should also be able to make sure that their website or blog for which they develop online content for should be easily accessible from a search engine.

This makes SEO a very important since it equips one with the requisite skill to make their web content easily available when one searches for certain keywords on a search engine. There are a lot of websites, mobile applications, online courses, resources and tools available to learn any of these skills.