Earth Networks’ Weather Stations: The weather technology that will help protect your business. Reduced productivity due to weather does not have to come as a surprise. With the right data, you can take precautions to prepare your business location and workers for any upcoming storms. In order to do this, you need to have the most up to date information possible with information in real time. Earth Networks’ weather stations provide this for you.

Your Weather Data
When you check the news for alerts or look at weather apps on your phone, most of the data comes from weather stations at the local airport or another prescribed location. This might be miles away from you. When making decisions about your company’s safety, you want to know the real time weather data for your location, you do not need to know about a storm hitting a location 10 miles away.

Earth Networks’ weather stations are made to set up right on the rooftop of your business. They are made of professional grade equipment to withstand any severe weather. They join in with a network of 12,000 stations to provide you with data. However, because they are located right at your location, you have the most reliable and accurate data possible.

Comprehensive Data
There are numerous weather factors that play a role in the running of your business. When workers are outside, you want to protect them from heat stroke or hypothermia. Sensitive equipment requires ambient temperature as well. Your electrical equipment also is at risk of frying if there is a power surge or lightning strike.

Any power outages could make it almost impossible to get any work done, no matter what industry you are in. With Earth Networks’ tools, you will have more than 25 different data points telling you about atmospheric and weather conditions, including the humidity, temperature and wind speed.

With the Earth Networks’ weather alert systems, you will receive automatic severe weather alerts. Then, you can take action to protect your workers and equipment from storms, severe temperatures or other dangers. Contact us to learn more about how Earth Networks weather stations can keep your business safe and productive.