9 Places to Find Blogging Jobs Online

If you have decided to make the first step in your blogging career, you are probably wondering whether there are some places when you can find a job online. These sites exist indeed, and most of the young bloggers go there to find their first orders and write their first articles for money.

How to rise into a blogger
Without great content, website SEO will tank, the companies will get no content to promote on the website itself and in social media, there will be no chance to reach leads and customers. Thus, the necessity of high-quality content is huge but you need to find some ways to stand out among other writers.

You’ve probably heard how popular blogging services are and how carefully the companies select writers. Even the biggest and the most secured job websites such as Indeed or CareerBuilder cannot guarantee that the candidates are worth to work with. Thus, the companies prefer to find writers and bloggers on websites where they know more about a person that wants to start cooperating.


As a young blogger, you need to know these places and join the community of writers who will gladly share their insights with you and in some cases even recommend you to their customers. We are going to cover 9 best places for freelance bloggers where you may start your writing career.

Where to find the best jobs for freelance bloggers online

Before you get registered on these websites, you need to check whether your CV corresponds to the demands of platforms. You need to edit cv in case you haven’t done that for a long time, and it will be better to do that in advance. Thus, you will be able to make use of resume writing services that will help you create a profile that will attract more visitors and will help you get more orders.

When you’re done with writing your resume, the time has come to choose the website with writing jobs. Here’s our list that will definitely come in handy for you.

This is one of the most reliable portals for freelance writers to place a vacancy here you need to pay. Thus, those who are not ready to pay for writing services will hardly post here jobs. Another great thing about this website is the owner of the website, Darren Rowse, who is also a famous writer, teacher young bloggers and provides different tips and tricks on how to improve their performance.

Freelance Writing Jobs
If you are aimed to earn more from the very start of your career, mind Freelance Writing Jobs. Here you will find only the best-paid orders. Besides, here you will also find an enormous amount of recommendations on how to become a better blogger.

Upwork (former Elance)
This is one of the most secure platforms for freelancers where you will definitely get the payment for your job. The competition here is rather high, and it’s quite difficult to get your first order thought the benefits of working here definitely worth the efforts.

This is not just another freelance job marketplace but a whole community of bloggers. Here, you will find various orders in different industries.

Unlike the job marketplaces, this is the website that pays for your articles when you become a content contributor to the website. The more guest posts you write, the more influential you become, and your payments rise as well.

If you want to find a huge number of writing jobs with different requirements and payment rates, check MediaBistro. Here, you’ll get a huge number of possibilities for young writers and that will be definitely a great choice for you if you have no portfolio and writing experience.

Joining the community, you become one of the writers and start to get orders. However, here you need to pay for membership but the owners of the accounts insist that this payment is not so significant as here they earn more than on other platforms.

This is another closed community that has multiple writing jobs. As we as PaidToBlog, it requires some membership payment to start getting orders. If you are ready to pay for a good start in your writing career, this is definitely a good choice for you.

This is one of the most obvious websites that comes to mind when we are talking about finding a job. Here, the recruiters will contact you directly and you will be able to discuss all the details on the terms and charges for your services.

As you have already noticed, writing possibilities are multiple, you just need to find the one that works for you. I hope that you found some great place for you, and will start to contribute to your career development!

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