Google on Monday, officially announced Android Oreo, version 8.0. The new update of the Android Oreo bring some cool new features which will definitely enhance the workings of our Android devices. But, which smartphone will get the first Android Oreo update? Well, here I have lined up top 3 smartphones to get the first Android Oreo update.

Top 3 Smartphones to Get First Android Oreo Update

1- Google Pixel and Pixel XL
Being the first Flagship smartphone from Google in the list, Google Pixel will be the first smartphone to receive the Android Oreo update.

2- Nexus 5X
The second Smartphone in the list that will receive the first Android Oreo update will be the Nexus 5X.

3- Nexus 6P
The third smartphone in the list to receive the first Android Oreo update will be the Nexus 6P.

Other than these three devices, Android Oreo will also hit the Pixel C and Nexus Player devices first. All these are Google devices so, the first Andoird Oreo update will arrive on these devices, as Google has said that an Over the air updates for these devices will be arriving soon and if you have already enrolled yourselves into the Android Oreo public beta program then you can get the final build now, and there are many who have already got it on their Google devices.

There are so many other smartphones to receive the Android Oreo update but there is time for those devices because everytime time Google releases a new version of Android, manufacturers have to layer their skin over the new OS which takes time and effort due to which only a handful of devices get updated.

As of August 2017, only 12.3 per cent of Android devices are running Android Nougat 7.0 and 1.2 per cent are running Nougat 7.1 which is a fairly dismal adoption rate.

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