Entrepreneurs are travelers. They don’t stay in one place and network; they move from town to town generating leads. In their eyes, the opportunities are all over the world, not just in one city or country. However, there is a problem: connectivity. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to stay in touch regardless of location. Otherwise, the leads you generate will dissipate and all your hard work will go down the drain. After all, the ability to communicate is an entrepreneur’s biggest strength.

Entrepreneur’s Guide To Staying Connected On The Go

Here are great options you can use if you don’t want to lose touch the next time you are away on business.

Global Data Plan
One of the worst things about traveling abroad is data roaming. If you have to allow roaming on your phone, the costs can be monumental. In fact, the majority of people forget about their plan altogether and opt for a temporary SIM card or chip. Of course, by doing this, people won’t be able to get in touch. After all, they won’t know your new number.

Thankfully, there are global plans which don’t alter regardless of location. Whether you are in Israel or Australia, your phones work as if it would at home.

Free Messenger Apps
The reason businessmen and women ditch their plans is instant messaging services. Thanks to Facebook and WhatsApp, there is no need to spend a fortune on a call. With their free voice and video call features, it is possible to speak to anyone, anywhere in the world.

And, because it is prevalent nowadays, it doesn’t appear unprofessional from a client’s point of view. If professionalism does worry you, Skype is the best option. For decades, companies from Microsoft to Berkshire Hathaway have used it to replace business meetings.

Skype video chat

Professional IT Management
Staying connected while traveling doesn’t only revolve around you. In fact, some people can have a bigger impact. Simply put, it is essential that all of the data you need is available at the click of a button. Also, the information needs to be safe and secure. So, although using the cloud is handy, it is a potential data breach.

This is where IT management solutions come into play. As long as the services are high-quality, an entrepreneur can link everything to a multitude of devices. Plus, the plan comes with security conscience features, too.

Wifi Finder
The tips above are useless unless there is an internet connection. Even if you have 4G, it won’t be unlimited and might run out during the course of the trip. What you need is Wifi because it is more powerful, reliable, and cheaper. But, finding it isn’t always easy, especially in a foreign country.

With a Wifi finder, the phone’s GPS locates the nearest service and sends an alert to make you aware. Hopefully, this should mean that a marauding businessman or women will never be without an internet connection.

Communication is the key to your success, but a connection is a key to communication.

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