The Working From Home Solutions You Didn’t Know You Needed


At some point or another in life, you may find that you work from home. Whether you start a business venture on your own, go freelance, or even decide to go part-time and you’re allowed to work from home for a portion of that, you may find yourself in need of a home office. Setting up your office can be a lot of fun. It can also seem pretty straightforward. After all, with a desk, chair and your tech essentials in place, what more could you need? Well, you might find that things can surprise you, are there are a whole lot of things that you didn’t know you needed!

Working From Home Solutions

Working Hours
Solution number one: working hours. And you’re probably thinking, but I’m my own boss, why do I need working hours? Well, although working from home can grant you some freedom to start and finish your work as you please, it can also make you unmotivated and unproductive. You can often become the king or queen or procrastination.


Because your new found freedom can soon feel too chaotic. So, instead, you need to set working hours for yourself, so that you know when you need to be working, and can push your productivity levels. You’ll also be able to manage your work and life worlds a lot easier too. It’s also good for your clients too, as they’ll know when you’re reachable and when you’re not.

Going into that idea of finding a balance a little more. When you do work from home, you may be tempted to put on a wash load or speak to your kids for hours when they come in from school. Because distractions are everywhere. So pick up a pair of headphones. They can often help to keep your focused on your work and block out the outside world.

Next up, you might want to think about getting some support. This could be something that you do right away or later on down the line. But if you’ve got a lot of work to do and not enough time, it could be more cost-effective and productive for you to hire a virtual assistant. And that can be worth every penny.

So you’re a consultant, freelancer, or a small business that works from home, what do you need with insurance? Well, you’d be surprised. You are a business entity after all. You have assets that need protecting. So you’re going to want to look into specific home based insurance that could cover you. You may find that having cover in place saves you if something ever goes wrong.

An Extra Coffee Maker!
And finally, this last one’s just for fun – but it could be that winning solution that makes working from home such a success! Because having to head into the kitchen throughout the day could become too much of a distraction. But with your own work coffee-maker in the office, you’ll fuel your productivity all day long.

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