Top 5 Apps That Monitor Your Health & Sleep


Good sleep is a vital ingredient for a healthy life: medical studies have indicated that sleep deprivation, which is considered a modern epidemic, contributes to the occurrence of several illnesses, such as heart-related diseases, diabetes, obesity and even depression. Lucky for us, the evolution of technology provides smart devices and applications meant to help us monitor our sleeping habits and thus make behavioural changes that will ensure a first-class rest.

What benefits could a sleep app present? I asked myself the same question, so I did some digging and found out how practical they are. Using a sleep app means that you don’t need to go to a clinic to find out what’s wrong with your rest. They are designed to collect data about your slumber habits while you sleep in the familiar environment of your bedroom. To me, that’s one big plus! Also, they can make valuable suggestions, telling you what to improve to rest better. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps on the market these days:

Sleep As Android
This app was initially designed to wake people up at the best possible hour in their sleeping cycle. It has rapidly evolved into something far more advanced than that: now, besides tracking your sleep and showing you graphics with your sleeping habits, it also warns you if you’re heading towards a sleep deficit. The app records your snoring or talking in your sleep, so it could help diagnose a possible sleep apnea that you didn’t know you had. The app works only on Android, and it comes with a free two weeks trial.

Sleep As Android

As the name says, this app monitors body motion during sleep, recording your movements and snoring. Plus, it comes with a pedometer and heart-rate monitor so that you can keep track of your physical activity as well. The app can wake you up at the optimal time, it plays white noise or music, it can track your body weight, and it provides graphics with your sleeping habits.

Fitbit One
Here’s another multifunctional gadget you may like: tracking your sleep is just one of its features. It can also monitor your steps during a day or your overall physical activity and generate accurate reports and feedback. When you want it to watch your sleep, you have to place the device on a wristband and set it to sleep mode. It tracks overnight movement, but it doesn’t diagnose sleep problems, though.

This one is a smart mattress cover + app, which is capable of tracking your heart and breathing rate and learning the sleeping habits. It can also warm the bed up around the time you’re supposed to go to sleep. In fact, if two people sleep on the same mattress and they have unique preferences regarding temperature, the device set different degrees of warmth for each side of the mattress. It can also cool down the bed during the night. Luna communicates with other smart home gadgets, and thus it can learn about your fitness and eating habits as well. You can find out more about the advantages of mattress intelligent apps by visiting try mattress and checking high-class reviews.


Sleepace RestOn
Reston is a sensor to place on top of any mattress, under the sheets and it comes with an app installed on your smartphone. Once you turn it on, it will record your heart and respiratory rate, track your movements and learn your sleep cycles.

The device can even make suggestions on how to improve your sleep, such as cooling down the room, cutting out caffeine or eating light before going to bed. The app provides detailed reports on your sleeping habits so that you could make the necessary adjustments for a healthier rest.


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