With 1.16 Update Release, the God of War Suffers from New Lighting Issue

After receiving some unspecified UI fixes as well as some generic stability improvements with 1.15 update on April 26, today the God of War received another 1.16 update patch which now fixed the ‘Death Happened Here’ Trophy Bug but it has now created another issue as well. After downloading the new update several users have reported that the God of War has started suffering from a new Lighting Issue issues.

God of War 1.16 patch update

A Reddit user Josh_Shikari first noticed that the game suffers from lighting issues and below is what he noted about the issue.

”I’ve been having really bad framerate issues since 1.15, the game is really stuttery now, and some of the lighting effects (light rays and how they interact with mist) have started to become quite pixelated.”


Another user with the screenshot (seen below) has also reported the same lighting issue.

God of War Suffers Lighting Issue

”I’m playing on a non HDR / 4k TV (just a 1080p) on ps4 pro (favoring performance) and something definitely looks wrong to me. I thought I was going crazy, something definitely got messed up. Looks more like a lighting/shader issue in the actual game to me”

The new 1.16 patch has now fixed the Death Happened Here Trophy bug where players couldn’t open the floor grate in the final boss room (to fight the troll). Even there is no option to interact (not even the little circle) etc.

God of War Reddit note suggests players to download the new 1.16 patch to fixe the ‘Death Happened Here’ Trophy Bug.

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