GeForce GTX Will Be The PC Platform of Battlefield V

AMD has been a PC platform of Battlefield games for many years. But now, for the first time, Nvidia’s Geforce GTX is going to be the PC platform of Battlefield V or Battlefield 5 game. Dice and Nvidia have teamed up this time to bring the best gaming experience for the upcoming and the most impressive Battlefield V game on PC.

“With Battlefield V, we wanted to align with a partner who shares our passion for PC gaming,” said Andreas Morell, Sr. Producer at DICE. “By combining our talented development team with NVIDIA’s advanced gaming technologies and robust GeForce PC gaming platform, we’re creating the most physical, immersive, and visually-striking way to experience Battlefield V.”

According to the Geforce GTX official website note, the NVIDIA engineers have already started working with the Battlefield V developers at DICE to bring the best gaming experience on PC.


The team is working together to integrate cutting-edge technologies, optimizing performance, and creating the definitive PC experience. The Geforce GTX website wrote. This mean, the Battlefield V on PC will look much better at maximum settings.

Below you can watch the first reveal trailer of the Battlefield V game.

YouTube video

Taking the wraps off, EA and Dice announced Battlefield V for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 last week and just in case if you have missed the announcement details and release date, the Battlefield V will launch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 19.

The pre-order for the Battlefield V is live now and it can be pre-order from the official Battlefield V website, and from other platforms such as Origin, PlayStation Store, and Windows Online Store.

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