Have you ever heard of a man stealing a truck full of Xbox Consoles? According to Clarkesville police on Friday, in a pursuit with a man who has been caught stealing a semi truck from Louisville truck stop in Kentucky. The suspect was later identified as Magdiel Fleites Sanchez. Interestingly, the stolen truck was full of Microsoft XboxOne Consoles units worth of $1 million.

Truck with $1 Million Worth Of Xbox One Consoles

We are not sure but the man caught stealing the truck seems to be a hardcore gamer or maybe big fan of Xbox One Console. Well, the E3 2018 Press Conference is just around the corner where Microsoft is supposed to be announcing new games for the Xbox Consoles and just head of the conference a truck full of Xbox One consoles are like a gamers dream comes true.

The police were able to track the suspect with the help of tracking system which was there on the truck and made it easy for the Police Officers who were waiting for the truck when it crossed the Second Street Bridge.

Officer John Miller, who was out on patrol, heard the dispatch call and spotted the semi heading north on US 31 in Clarksville.

“I’ve never been involved in a pursuit with a semi,” Officer Miller added.”I actually pursued him across the interstate, and we were able to apprehend the subject at a nearby All Start trucking/leasing place behind Walmart.” The officer said.

When the truck was checked its found that “The semi was carrying Microsoft material that was later identified as Xbox consoles that had a total value on that trailer of $1 million,” Miller said.

Moreover, The suspect had a Florida driver’s license. He has been released on bond, but he is facing charges in Kentucky and Indiana.

Source: WDRB

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