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You are being tracked, so is your smartphone. It was widely reported that some of the World’s most popular websites track the online behavior of internet users and manipulate the content on that basis. Post this, data privacy has gained attention and users are now more aware of several tricks to avoid data hacking and the growing problem of identity theft. In fact, in 2016, 769 million identities were stolen and it shows no signs of slowing down.

We, as digital users, keep a lot of personal information on our smartphones including contacts, emails, photos, bank details, and passwords. All these private information are at huge risk of getting breached. So, to avoid such hacking, we have listed down top 10 privacy apps for your android smartphone. All these apps would boost privacy and security on your Android device.

DuckDuckGo: For those who surf the internet

It is always stressful if any of our personal information is compromised or leaked or deleted. It is upsetting when your browsing history is monitored all the time. To beat this issue, several private browsing apps are available online. One of the most popular private search engines is DuckDuckGo app.

This app will save your internet-surfing history being leaked or breached. Installing DuckDuckGo app will automatically block hidden third-party trackers, protecting your browsing behavior on regular basis.

DuckDuckGo App offers you complete freedom to search or browse anything on the web. Above this, the app also has a feature where you can erase your entire browsing history with just a single tap. Doing this will instantly kill all recently opened tabs and clear your browsing behavior altogether.

Express VPN

Express VPN is a great mobile App as installing this would not allow people and authorities to spy on your internet usage. It simply gives you peace of mind online. With this installed, you can easily hide and secure your web activities from hackers and other surveillance agencies.

Setting up ExpressVPN is easy and hassle-free. The app helps you find and select the best security protocol. It offers a variety of protocols, a kill switch tap, and DNS leak protection for tech-savvy users. It has an ability to make your data transmissions more private and secure even on public Wi-Fi networks.


ProtonVPN is another VPN service provider aimed at protecting internet users against traffic correlation hacks. With this, all encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later. It comes with a No Logs Policy as well. The app comes with a built-in kill switch that will interrupt a user’s web connection if their server connection falls.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused browser for Android smartphone users. Firefox Focus can be set as content-blocker, which removes trackers automatically in the background while you were browsing over the net. Tapping on the trash icon while browsing will erase all session data instantly.

Brave Browser

Brave is known for blocking ads and website trackers. The app supports all operating systems including Android. The app carries a lot of built-in tools for blocking malicious ads, unwanted pop-ups, bad scripts, and any kind of website-based tracking system.

Protonmail: If you are a mail-junkie

E-mailing is personal, so it should be secured and hack-free. Various email websites employ algorithms to fetch users’ behavior over the internet. Popular email providers are not fully encrypted as well.

So, it is advised to get a separate app which would give you a more secure way of emailing. ProtonMail is one such Android app that helps users to share personal emails in a more secure and protected way.

The App offers password-protected emails that automatically expire after a certain period of time. On Protonmail, all emails are completely encrypted and secure.

LastPass: For those who set a password for every app

Setting up a password for each smartphone application is a norm. Everyone does it. Slight negligence can offer online hackers to know your secretly set password, which puts all your social media and email accounts are at privacy risk.

To keep a protective shield on your passwords, LastPass is a perfect privacy app for Android smartphone users. It secures and protects your passwords from being hacked. LastPass is a perfect app that allows you to make and maintain untraceable and unique passwords.

Telegram: For those who text a lot

Telegram Messenger enables smartphone users to send text messages, photos, videos, and other data files to one or many people without a penny. It is absolutely free. It uses encryption to keep messages safe and secure. One can easily share content online without ever being accessed or stored on a server to any other internet user.


Like Telegram, Signal is another Android app that allows you to share encrypted voice and video calls with other users. It is a great app for those who share a lot a personal data with one another.


Authy is an app capable of setting up and storing two-factor authentication keys for multiple accounts including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others. The app works on two-factor authentication that adds a layer of protection for your private accounts. Setting this, you will be asked to log in with your original pin and a unique code every time. The unique code cannot be used twice.

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