Android Apps to Watch Movies

Now the internet and also mobile technology has changed the way to watch movies and other entertainment programs. You can watch your favorite movies and also programs anywhere and anytime. Movie streaming sites and smartphones android apps have made it possible to watch movies and TV show.

Here are given top streaming movies websites smartphones android apps list.

1- Viewster App

Viewster app is free movie watching android app. People that use the android phone can watch free movies online with the help of this app. They can watch full movies, TV shows, and other programs.

This app has a lot of verities and huge collection database for movie lovers. Its instant streaming feature has advanced and quick service. Furthermore, this app has added a new feature for regular new movies, TV shows, dramas, and other programs updating. People can create their movie watch list. Its interface is very simple and easy to use. Thus download it and watch movies.

2- Flipps TV

Flipps TV is an advanced feature android app to watch movies online on Android Phones. With this app, you can watch TV shows, music, and dramas etc. This app allows you to access more than 100 channels. Therefore people and also movie lovers can watch what they want and like to watch. Users just have to download and install it. It has been installed quickly and very easy to use.

App of Flipps has a top box office for latest News and movies. You can watch full-length free movies online. It has 1080 HD quality service for all users.

The user can enjoy high-quality service. Furthermore, users can create a watch list and enjoy their favourite full movies. In addition, users can also instantly access their favourite channel. They have no restrictions. As a result, they can enjoy advanced streaming full free movies and also shows.

3- Crackle

Crackle free movie streaming website has an excellent app for Android smartphones. This website has an award-winning app with an advanced feature for android phones. Thus users from all over the world can watch full-length movies and also shows on smartphones and also tablets. It has a high-quality HD interface.

People have no need to do registration or sign up. They can install this app without registration. It’s completely free to use. As a result, users can watch free Hollywood, Bollywood movies and also TV shows instantly.

4- Hubi

Hubi free movies watching website has also a very good android app. Users can install it without any registration. In the same way, they have no need to sign up for watching free movies. You can install this app just by simple clicking.

Furthermore, they have no need to sign up for watching movies and shows. It has advanced and instant streaming feature. Furthermore, its interface is user-friendly and free to use. Hubi app doesn’t require flash installation like others apps.

5- Flixster

Flixster also has an awesome Android app for watching full films and also shows. It has quick streaming and also downloading feature. Thus you can watch movies online as well as download them on your mobile phone.

The app of Flixster has a free movie and also music identifier apps. With the help of this app, you can identify movies songs. It is a very helpful tool for music lovers to know about songs and their films. This app also has an advanced feature. In this feature, people can know about the songs.

What song is from what film? This feature is named “What song is this”. You can also download movies in Ultra Violet featured collection. The interface of its app is simple and advanced. You can also get information related to top box office movies as well as upcoming movies. Furthermore, you can also watch upcoming movies trailers.


Movie streaming sites and their android smartphones apps have made possible to watch movies online anywhere and anytime. The above-given apps are the best Android smartphone apps.

Thus, you can watch what you like to what anywhere and also anytime. All above-given apps are free to use. Movie lovers and also people can watch free movies, TV shows and also dramas etc.  As a result, entertainment has become very easy. Everybody can approach free entertainment streaming sites with the help of these apps.

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