The Cretaceous Dinosaur DLC
Image: Microsoft

Jurassic World Evolution, the simulation and strategy game which was released back in June this year has now received a trio of extraordinary dinosaurs with its new “The Cretaceous Dinosaur” (DLC) Pack for Xbox One. The new Cretaceous Dinosaur DLC pack is now available to download via Microsoft store.

The Jurassic World Evolution game normally costs $59.99 and if you want you can add $5.49 more to get the Cretaceous Dinosaur DLC for your Xbox One and can enjoy playing with three new dinosaurs.

The three new dinosaurs included in the pack are, The Iguanodon, The Threatening and The Dreadnoughtus. However, players who have been waiting for some new downloadable content other than these new dinosaurs might get disappointed, as the new DLC pack only brings three new dinosaurs and nothing else.

So, if you were waiting for some new dinosaurs to added into the game then now you can grab them by downloading the new Cretaceous Dinosaur DLC pack for $5.49. If you want more dinosaurs in your game then you can also go with the Jurassic World Evolution – Deluxe Bundle. The Bundle costs $64.99 and includes a pack of 5 extra dinosaurs.

The Jurassic World Evolution is currently available for Xbox One only, and if you are on PC and PS4 then you are out of luck.


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