Bixby Beta German Language
Image: Samsung

Samsung introduced its own Bixby virtual assistant with the launch of its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus back in April last year, and later the virtual assistant rolled out to some other Samsung devices, including Galaxy A8 Star (2018), recently launched Galaxy A7 (2018), Galaxy A9 (2018) and Galaxy A6/A6+.

Bixby works pretty much like any other virtual assistant available today such as Google Assistant, Siri or Microsoft Cortana. But since its release, the only place where Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby heavily criticized was the lack of more language support, for German, French, Italian, and Spanish languages.

However, Samsung at its Developer Conference 2018 in San Francisco announced that Bixby would be available in more languages including German from next year and now it seems that it’s finally here.

A German technology blog ‘allaboutsamsung’ today reported that Bixby now has more language support including German, French, Italian, and Spanish languages. However, these languages are currently available as a beta. The site also shared the screenshot of the available beta langauge support on Bixby which you can find below.

Bixby in german language
Image Credit: allaboutsamsung

So, if you preffer using any of thses languages with your Bixby vertutal asaistant you can try these new beta langauges on your Galaxy device.