Sequel To Dead Cells
Image: Motion Twin

If you have been a fan of popular Dead Cells game, then this might be a bad news for you because this game might not get a sequel. The developer of the game Motion Twin in an interview with gameinformer reveals that they have no plans for the Dead Cells sequel in future.

We always expect a sequel from a game which receives so much popularity amongst gamers, and the same could be expected for the Dead Cells. But unfortunately, Motion Twin has planned something different.

Motion Twin game designer Sébastien Bénard further said that he doesn’t think that they will make a Dead Cells 2, however, he said that, would prefer doing something different if they really wanted to do something new.

”In terms of a sequel, we know for sure it’s not a good idea to dwell on your success. If you create a big hit, it’s best to use this energy to make something different. I don’t think we’ll make a Dead Cells 2. We’re more open to creating more content and opening the game up more to the community. If we did make a Dead Cells 2, it’s because we really need the money (laughs). We don’t want to stick to the same thing though, so I think if we did come back it would be something quite different, not a platformer or roguelike along these lines.”