Redesign Windows 10 Settings App
Image: Microsoft

Looks like Microsoft is working on a new redesign Windows 10 Settings App that will not only bring the default setting options to settings app but also add some new options as well. Twitter user Florian B. shared a screenshot of a new redesigned version of settings app of the Windows 10 insiders that features a large header in black and gray color with some new added options as well.

The new redesigned Windows 10 Settings App now include user’s name along with profile picture and e-mail. The new settings app also appears to have some new information, such as Your Phone is connected to PC or not, and an option to check for Windows Update.

The new redesigned Windows 10 settings app also appear to have a link to Microsoft Rewards that will show you the earned Microsoft reward points. In addition to this, all the options on the redesigned settings app now have a new blue color scheme.

However, Neowin reports that the redesigned settings app was spotted in build 18298. The build seems to be in the testing stage currently and hasn’t been finalized as yet.

SOURCEFlorian B. (Twitter)
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