Anthem VIP Demo

Bioware’s upcoming Action game Anthem VIP demo was scheduled to start on January 25 and the day has finally arrived. The Anthem VIP Demo is now live on PS4, PC (Origin) and Xbox One and it’s around 20GB on consoles and 43GB on PC. Now, if you haven’t followed our earlier post or not aware of how you can actually play the Anthem VIP Demo then simply stick with this post.

How to play the Anthem VIP Demo

The Anthem VIP demo is live, starting today January 25. Players who have digitally pre-ordered the game on Origin, Xbox Store, or PlayStation Store or have already subscribed to Origin Access or EA Access do not need a download code to enter the demo and they are already registered for the Demo.

Origin Access Premier subscriber will have the chance to play the Anthem game a week before the game launches on PC starting February 15.

Anthem VIP Demo Friend Pass

Players can send a unique link up to three of their friends to invite them for the demo. However, to do this player will first need to download, install, and launch the game on any platform he owns. After the game launches successfully, a player can head to the Anthem’s Demo page and find the Refer a Friend tab to refer a friend.

Anthem Open Demo

There will an open demo that will be free to everyone and players will not need to pre-order or subscribe to the Origin Access or EA Access to play the demo. The Anthem kicks off on 1 February and will remain until 3 February.

If you are an Origin Access Premier subscriber then you can get an ever-growing library of 125+ games to play whenever you like. To know the ANTHEM Editions, Pre-Order and Pricing details you can head over to our this post here.

Bioware’s ANTHEM will be released on February 22nd, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. To know more about the VIP Demo instructions and information you can head to this link here.


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