Elon Musk Hosted PewDiePie’s Meme Review to Help His Channel Stay on Top in The Battle with T-Series

Elon Musk Hosted PewDiePie

The battle between YouTube sensation PewDiePie, who owns the most subscribed channel on YouTube and Indian music record company T-Series is now getting more and more intense. T-Series has given really tough competition to the PewDiePie who is now just 10,000 subscribers behind from PewDiePie at 4:45 pm IST on Tuesday.

Notably, On Monday 8 am IST, PewDiePie was leading with 37424 subscribers and later at 10:30 pm IST, the difference reaches down to 19,000. And now he is just 10,000 subscribers ahead from T-Series.


JackSepticEye, an Irish gamer last week said that it was quite possible T-Series would defeat PewDiePie this battle. Notably, JackSepticEye is one of the biggest supporters of PewDiePie and he had urged his followers also to back the PewDiePie.

YouTube video

Now the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has jumped into this battle to save the Swedish star. Elon entered the battle after many fans lobbied Elon Musk on Twitter. Below you can find the Elon’s tweet that he made today.

Elon’s tweet above confirmed that he hosted PewDiePie’s YouTube show Meme Review together with Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. The subscriber’s count is still running. You can track the live count on the video above.

What do you think, will T-series be able to top in Battle for YouTube’s Top Spot? or will the PewDiePie will continue to dominate YouTube as the highest subscribed channel.

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Rizwan Ahmad

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