AMD Radeon 19.3.1 Driver Update Adds Support for Devil May Cry 5


Previously we had reported about AMD Radeon 19.2.2 Driver update that brought support for Far Cry New Dawn, Metro Exodus, and Crackdown 3. Today, AMD releases Radeon 19.3.1 Driver Update that brings support for Devil May Cry 5. The Radeon 19.3.1 Driver Update release note also adds that the latest update will bring a 4% average performance boost with AMD Radeon software adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.1 vs 19.2.3 on Devil May Cry 5 with Radeon RX Vega 64.

The latest Radeon 19.3.1 Driver Update also brings the folwing fixes.

Fixed Issues

  • Radeon WattMan settings changes may intermittently not apply on AMD Radeon VII.
  • Mouse lag or system slowdown is observed for extended periods of time with two or more displays connected and one display switched off.
  • ACER™ KG251Q display may experience a black screen when connected via DisplayPort™ and enabled at 240hz.
  • Video playback may become green or experience corruption when dragging the Movies and TV application to an HDR-enabled display.

Known Issues

  • Rainbow Six Siege may experience intermittent corruption or flicker on some game textures during gameplay.
  • Mouse cursors may disappear or move out of the boundary of the top of a display on AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors with Radeon Vega Graphics.
  • Modifying memory clocks on Radeon VII in Radeon Wattman may intermittently result in memory clocks becoming locked at 800Mhz.
  • Changes made in Radeon WattMan settings via Radeon Overlay may sometimes not save or take effect once Radeon Overlay is closed.
  • Performance metrics overlay and Radeon WattMan gauges may experience inaccurate fluctuating readings on AMD Radeon VII.
  • Some Mobile or Hybrid Graphics system configurations may intermittently experience green flicker when moving the mouse over YouTube videos in Chrome web browser.

The full release note can be found on AMD’s official web page here.


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