Battlefield V Update Patch Notes 1.13 Brings Firestorm Battle Royale Mode to the Game

Battlefield V update version 1.13

Battlefield V Firestorm will be available officially on March 25. One more day to go and you will be able to play the new Battlefield V Firestorm on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Battlefield V Firestorm for the first time will also include Battle Royale Mode that has been recently confirmed in the Battlefield V official Firestorm gameplay trailer. Now, Jaqub Ajmal
Producer, Battlefield V has officially released the latest Battlefield V update patch notes 1.13, that will bring the Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Mode to the game.

Battlefield V — Official Firestorm Gameplay Trailer (Battle Royale)

YouTube video


The latest update focusses the on improving the aerial combat in Battlefield V. You can find some of the updates below.

Maps and Modes

• Improved vaulting through certain windows on Narvik.
• In Combined Arms, the end-of-mission slow motion effect will now only trigger during
the last three seconds of the mission timer.


• The Combined Arms mission details screen will now properly show which map it takes
place on.
• The Tides of War screen on the end-of-round screen will now always show the
descriptions for each node.
• The player can now choose whether to hold or press button for request/skip revive when
down via a new control option.
• Screenshot resolution is now affected by the resolution scale setting. For example, if you
take a screenshot at 1920×1080 with resolution scale set to 200%, the resolution of the
screenshot will be 3840×2160.


• Multiple crash fixes and stability improvements.

PC-Specific Improvements

• Made performance improvements in Combined Arms.
• Improved NVIDIA DLSS image clarity at 4K and 1440p.

Xbox One-Specific Improvements

• The specialization and customize buttons have been added to the Replace Weapon
• Made previously implemented vault activation improvements to work on 30hz servers.

PlayStation 4-Specific Improvements

• The specialization and customize buttons have been added to the “Replace Weapon”
• Made past vaulting activation improvements to also work on 30hz servers.

The patch update for the Battlefield V Firestorm also brings a lot of other improvements to the game. You can check out the full Battlefield V Firestorm patch notes here.

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