Fortnite v8.10

A slew of new items, features, and weapons was recently leaked and slated to be coming to the Fortnite game. On Monday, Fortnite announced the rollout schedule for the latest Fortnite Update v8.10, which kicks off today, March 12. The latest Fortnite Update v8.10 update will begin rolling out at 5:00 AM ET (0900 UTC) and will last the usually short duration before the update goes live.

As always, fans have bee waiting curiously about what new features and additions would be coming with this update. Well, most notably, the latest v8.10 update is expected to bring a new baller vehicle, that we have talked about in our previous post.

The new Baller vehicle features a Grappler-like item attached to the front on a big ball. The new Baller vehicle features a unique design. The Baller Vehicle also expected to feature a fuel/charging system. We also expect some new features to be added with the latest update.

The Fortnite v8.10 update downtime will kick off at 5:00 AM ET (0900 UTC).

What do you expect from the latest Fortnite Update v8.10? do let me know in the comments section down below.