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Firaxis Games, the developer of the popular turn-based strategy game Civilization VI has released the first major update for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm’s Antarctic Late Summer Game Update and it’s now available to download. Firaxis has also released the full patch notes for the update and the preview video of the latest update. The latest Civilization VI: Gathering Storm’s Antarctic Late Summer Game Update as its main key features include New and improved version of Map Pins, that includes pin icons for many new specific markers, Districts, etc.

Players can now search for map items via text search and have them highlighted on the map. Below you can find the summarized version of the latest Civilization VI: Gathering Storm’s Antarctic Late Summer Game update patch notes.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm’s Antarctic Late Summer Game Update Patch Notes

Please note: Items listed below are for Gathering Storm’s ruleset only unless otherwise specified.


  • [ALL GAME VERSIONS] New and improved version of Map Pins (now called Map Tacks) that includes pin icons for many new specific markers (Districts, etc.), in addition to a new grouped scrollable list of pins that were placed. Thanks to Bradd Szonye for his Mod inclusion!
  • [ALL GAME VERSIONS] Map text search: Located on the mini-map toolbar. Players can now search for map items via text search and have them highlighted on the map. For example, type “Iron”, or “Knight”. Includes search history, search suggestions, and “go to” buttons.


  • Civs
    • Canada: Receives +1 Production from mines on Snow and Tundra (Including hills).
    • China: Great Wall can only be pillaged (never removed) by natural disasters. +2 Gold for improvement itself. Add +1 Gold and +1 Culture to that received for each adjacent Great Wall.
    • Egypt: Update the Egyptian Chariot Archer to not replace the Heavy Chariot.
    • Egypt: Sphinx now provides +1 Culture if built on Flood Plains. Cannot be built on Snow, Snow Hills, Tundra, or Tundra Hills.  +2 Appeal (since they are encouraged to build on Flood Plains). Cannot be built next to another Sphinx.
    • France: Château now provides 1 Culture for each adjacent wonder. 1 Gold for each adjacent Luxury Resource.
    • Hungary: Mathias ability now only 75% resource and Gold discount to upgrading levied units (instead of 100%).
    • India: Cities gain an Amenity for every Religion with at least 1 Follower. Missionaries have +2 spreads. +100% Religious pressure from your Trade Routes.
    • India: Varu ability no longer stacks but maintenance reduced to 2.
    • Mali: Nerf the Mali + City-State + Democracy Combo/Exploit. Democracy is now a 15% discount on purchases with Gold.
    • Mali: Increase Mali desert weighting.
    • Maori: Toa ability no longer stacks and Strength is reduced to 36.
    • Maori: Reduce the Marae ability to +1 of each bonus yield, instead of +2.
    • Netherlands: Add a Production bonus towards Flood Barriers and Dams.
    • Norway: Allow Norway (only) to receive Science and Culture from pillaging improvements in addition to Gold or Faith.
    • Spain: Mission: +2 Faith; +1 Food, and +1 Production if on a different continent than your capital. +1 Science for every adjacent Campus and Holy Site.
    • [ALL GAME VERSIONS] Improve leader victory preference weighting.
  • Environment Systems and Climate Change
    • Reduce Dust storm yields by 33%. Add some Food yields from Blizzards. Reduce damage to population and structures from Blizzards by about a third.
    • Detach climate change progress from Natural Disaster Intensity slider.
    • Move percentage of coastal tiles that can flood from 35% to 45%.
    • Halve carbon emissions from units to slow down climate change to just over half the previous rate.
    • Reduce unit CO2 emissions for a player by 50% if they research Advanced Power Cells.
    • Increased chance of Storms and Droughts per degree of temperature rise is no longer 20% for all events. Now it does not increase the chance of the weaker type of each storm/drought at all but instead boosts stronger type by 50%.
    • From Phase IV on Floods and Storms will not add fertility.
    • At Phases, V and above yields previously added to the map can be stripped off as Storms and Droughts pass over (chances increase as you move to later phases).
    • Allow a single player’s CO2 footprint to go negative (if they have run the Carbon Recapture project but never generated much carbon). Hence one player can clean up the other players’ mess.
  • World Congress
    • Provide a one-time cap on each player receiving Favor for reviving each other major player.
    • Adding tooltip to tiebreaker scenarios so players can understand why a player won a tiebreaker.
    • Adding Favor Per Turn and Request for Aid score penalties for excessive Grievances and CO2 emissions.
    • Climate Accords competition now enables projects for decommissioning Power Plants.
    • Reducing the lockout timer on hostile emergencies so that they can show up slightly more often.
    • Reduce time between deals during Request for Aid emergencies so AI can give multiple gifts if desired.
  • Districts/District Buildings
    • Reducing the power of Royal Society Government District Building (reducing percentage-per-builder-charge from 3 to 2).
    • Nuclear Accidents of any severity will now always pillage the Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Pillaging
    • [ALL GAME VERSIONS] Convert Science and Culture from pillaging improvements to Gold or Faith.
    • Reduce effectiveness of Raid and Total War policies so they are only +50% instead of +100% to pillaging
    • Dam districts now provide healing if plundered.
    • Pillaged Reactors cannot trigger a nuclear accident. Completing the ‘Recommission Nuclear Reactor’ project will also ‘un-pillage’ it.
  • Improvements
    • Seastead: Cannot be placed adjacent to another Seastead.
  • Wonders
    • Panama Canal wonder now gives +10 Gold to its city.
    • Mahabodhi Temple and Statue of Liberty now award Diplomatic victory points.
  • Units
    • Increase the cost of upgrading units (about 33%).
    • Reduce the base cost of Naturalists from 800 to 600 to make them compete better with Rock Bands.
    • Update certain Great Generals and Admirals to provide strategic resources.
    • Make sure Barbarians can’t spawn GDRs.
    • Unsuccessful WMD attacks now consume the WMD.
    • [ALL GAME VERSIONS] Increase the Destroyer’s sight range to 3.
    • [ALL GAME VERSIONS] Air unit and Anti-Air unit combat strength balance changes propagated to the base game.
  • City States
    • Add Walls to the City States on Diety and Immortal games.
    • Add additional melee units to the City States at higher difficulties.
  • Misc
    • Grievances/Warmongering: Changing Grievance calculation (and Warmonger in base and XP1) to treat cities taken offensively during a Defensive Pact/Suzerain War/Emergency War as if taken during a Formal War (now generates Grievances)
    • Setup: For advanced starts, add extra Faith and scale it.
    • [XP1, XP2] Track barbarian camp placement throughout the game (much like we do storms & droughts) and shy away from camp locations that are close to previously used spots. Should distribute camps across the continents better.


  • Play By Cloud
    • Hide full games on Lobby list.
    • Adding Remember My Choice option for what happens after a client readies up.
    • Adding automatic ready up countdown.
    • Activating an in-game notification for a Your Turn event to display a popup that will allow the user to go straight into that match.
    • The Upper case ” i “, lower case ” L”, and number 1 all look identical when observing the Join Code in the Game Summary of the Play By Cloud Staging Room. – Increased size of the font so unique aspects of gylphs can be determined.
  • Misc
    • Relationship pip icons would fail to display when progress with other Human Players during a Multiplayer game (Allied, etc.).
    • Staging Room countdowns should reset when a new session is joined. Countdowns should persist even if the screen is simply hidden, which happens if the Game Settings tab is pressed.
    • In-game chat panel should not display dead players.
    • Additional general bug fixes and polish.


  • You can now play the Black Death scenario in hotseat/PlayByCloud.


  • Add secondary color to jersey selection color collision detection. Now jerseys are only considered to have collided if BOTH primary color and secondary color collide. Jerseys with similar or identical primary colors are now allowed if the secondary colors are very different.


  • Great Works UI: Converted system to Drag and Drop.
  • Climate Overview: Add icon, the tooltip for fertilized tiles lost due to weather events.
  • Civilopedia: Pillaging Yields are now database driven in the Civilopedia.
  • [ALL GAME VERSIONS] World Resource Report: Add sorting on resources and on the leaders in a row.
  • Additional general bug fixes and polish.


  • Trade
    • Increase the value of Diplomatic Favor. Limit number of items desired in a trade. Set minimum value for traded items.
    • Don’t try to trade more of a Luxury resource than the human is already importing.
    • Correctly value maintenance resources when calculating trades. Reduces possible exploits with the resource for gold trades with the AI.
    • Fixes to trades for strategic resources – Stop paying full value for them when you’ve got a decent stockpile, not just at the stockpile cap. Reduces possible exploits with the resource for gold trades with the AI.
    • AI will not pay for banned resources
    • Reduce the chance that the AI offers only a single strategic resource in a trade deal unless they are padding out a larger deal.
    • Improvements to AI Deal management with Gold.
    • [XP1, XP2] Fix an issue where AI was overvaluing Great Works on the turn they are created (causing lots of trade requests).
  • Victory Strategies and Agendas
    • Boost Wonder Obsessed AI’s desire for Wonders in later eras.
    • Improve victory strategies, including Diplomatic victory.
  • Combat
    • Improve AI ability to successfully complete the capture of a city during a Military Emergency they are taking part in.
    • Embarked units know they are under threat from naval units – Improve protection of units while on city assault.
    • [XP1] Improve ability for AI to use Warrior Monks militarily – Add additional war footing condition.
    • [XP1, XP2] Fix an issue where an AI unit garrisoning a city would occasionally leave the protection of the city when they didn’t need to, exposing them to attack.
    • [ALL GAME VERSIONS] AI more strongly prefers attacking with aircraft to deploying to districts.
  • Misc
    • Fixed an issue that was making the AI less likely to improve strategic resources.
    • Avoid advancing your Power Plant if you don’t have resources for it.
    • Increase the odds of aggressive civs making encampments.
    • [XP1, XP2] Reduce the value of supply convoys, they were heavily overvalued by AI.
    • [ALL GAME VERSIONS] Minor Civs will no longer make aircraft carriers (since they can’t make aircraft)

The full patch note details can be found here.

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