A former Rockstar employee seems to have leaked GTA 5 DLC and GTA 6 as an upcoming game to be in works on his resume. The resume was posted by GTA Forums Member ApolloThunder that includes a position as a “Jr vehicle artist at Rockstar games” among other jobs. The leaked resume description of employee called Bibin Michael reads as “Create vehicles matching with real world for Gta5 dlc and upcoming Gta6.”

The employee resume also reveals that he has also worked creating vehicles for some other titles including Dirt Rally, Grid, F1 series, Forza Motorsport, and Horizon series. His profile can be found on the Linkedin and on his own website.


However, when we checked his resume on his profile we didn’t find any description similar to the description above, that includes his work for Gta5 dlc and upcoming Gta6.

Notably, Rockstar Games hasn’t yet confirmed any DLC content or a new GTA 6 game to be in works. The resume doesn’t seem a legitimate source to be confirmed that a new GTA 6 game is really in work now.

Bibin Michael also seems to have worked for Red Dead Redemption 2 as his name appears in the Thank You page on the game’s official website. His name on the Red Dead Redemption 2 official tank you page indeed confirms that he is a former Rockstar Games employee, and the information on his resume is likely legit.

At this time we can’t confirm GTA 6 to be in works.