Black Ops 4 May 10th Update Brings Prop Hunt to All Platforms, Ambush is Coming Back Later This Month

Black Ops 4 Prop Hunt Live

Treyarch has just dropped a new Black Ops 4 update on May 10th and that according to the official Reddit patch notes brings the popular hide and seek mode called the Prop Hunt to all platforms including PC, Xbox One and PS4. The update is not so big so, you shouldn’t expect more. However, the latest Black Ops 4 update does bring some new updates to the Prop Hunt mode and that includes, new rotating loadouts for Hunters, improvements to Best Play at the end of the round, and additional stability fixes.

With the latest Black Ops 4 update, Treyarch also announced that a new updated version of Ambush for Operation Spectre Rising will be coming back to all platforms later this month. This will bring players access to all Sniper Rifles (with the exception of the SDM) plus Shotguns and the Bowie Knife.


The latest update made to the Ambush also includes removing of Concussion Grenades, Cluster Grenades, ATVs, and ARAV vehicles to focus the action on pure gunplay this time around. The update also brings improvements to the Alcatraz map in Blackout and Infected in Multiplayer. Check out the patch notes below.

Black Ops 4 May 10th Update Patch Notes


  • Game Modes

    • Prop Hunt

      • Now live on all platforms in the Featured category.

      • Hunters now spawn with rotating loadouts (SMGs or Assault Rifles).

      • Addressed an issue where players’ abilities were not displaying their proper values when being spectated.

      • Made general improvements to Best Play at the end of the round.

  • Infected

    • Addressed join-in-progress issues in Infected matches.

  • Stability

    • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused lag/hitching when a match with more than 10 players was joined in progress.

    • Additional general stability improvements.

  • Featured Playlists

    • Prop Hunt, Barebones Moshpit, Deathmatch Domination, Infected (consoles), and Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit (consoles) added to the Featured category.


  • Alcatraz

    • Addressed an issue where players were able to get to unintended areas of the map using the Grapple Gun.

    • Closed some exploitable areas on the map.


  • Visuals

    • Addressed visual bugs that could be experienced upon entering World League Hub for the first time.

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