Fortnite v9.01

Soon after Epic Games released the Fortnite season 9. Several Fortnite users started reporting about a new issue where the Blackheart and Hybrid Style Challenges from the previous Battle Pass was not showing up in their list of challenges in the challenges tab. Soon, Epic Games acknowledges the issue and announced that they are now investigating to fix the issue.

Epic Games also announced that there will be a full fix in upcoming Fortnite v9.01 update for players affected by this bug and they will be compensated for any complete challenge prior to the issue.

It is expected that to compensate players, Epic Games could issue some V-Bucks to players affected by this glitch. Notably, Blackheart and Hybrid and two skins were provided to players who had purchased the Season 8 Battle Pass. There are 11 selectable styles for Blackheart and 10 selectable styles for Hybrid.

You can check out the Fortnite Season 9 full patch notes here that bring new battle pass, Slipstream Wind Transportation System and More.