Samurai Shodown

Samura Shodown, also known as Katakana in Japan now finally has its released date for consoles. Publisher SNK and Athlon Games have announced that the Samura Shodown will be launched on June 25 for PS4 and Xbox One. There is also a new Samurai Shodown – Return of a Legend trailer which you can watch below. Notably, Samurai Shodown is the latest entry into the long-running series of the fighting game.

Samurai Shodown first came out way back in 1991 and now it’s coming almost 11 years back. According to the official site, the new version of the Samurai Shodown now comes with UNREAL ENGINE 4, High-end 3D visuals and improved gameplay. The new Samurai Shodown fighting game will also come with three brand new characters.

Samurai Shodown is now available for pre-order will finally available Starting June 25 on PS4 and Xbox One. However, there might be release scheduled for PC and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Pre-order Bonus:

Players who pre-order the game before June 30th will receive the Samurai Shodown Season 1 Pass for free as a pre-order bonus.

The Samurai Shodown Season 1 Pass includes:

  • 1st DLC character (planned to release in August 2019)
  • 2nd DLC character (planned to release in October 2019)
  • 3rd DLC character (planned to release in December 2019)
  • 4th DLC character (planned to release in February 2020) -The Nakoruru “Retro 3D” character costume
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