Top 10 Apps for Writers and Educators

10 Apps for Writers

Apps play a critical role in the world today in different areas including students, educators, businesses, and companies. They are very critical and convenient for access to solutions and information on I buy essay. People spend more time online on smart devices and apps make the Internet of Things experience. Apps are increasing digital interaction because they are easily incorporated in mobile smart devices.

Using smartphones and devices in the classroom is no longer a punishable offense. The learning systems are becoming simpler and exciting changing the traditional learning methods. Student’s engagement with subjects and lecturers are increased. Effective communication has been enhanced by engaging students and educators in app usage.


Apps for writers: writing is a design process and the process is flexible and fun.

1- Airstory

The app allows writers to outline, research and write in one place. It incorporates different writing processes which include reading or writing, researching, and editing.

2- Quip

This is a collaboration and writing the app. This app is very helpful when it comes to getting feedback from other writers who are better than you in writing and it enables you to edit easily and better for all. The app includes the ability to share and chat. A writer adds collaborators, they want into their document and they get to share the content in the document. This keeps you focused on your writing without distractions.

3- Hemingway editor

This the ultimate editing tool for any writer. For your writing to be the best it needs to go through two main stages which are writing and editing; writing is letting your mind go as you write whatever comes to mind without minding the phrasing and editing involves improving the flow, simplifying and cutting unnecessary words and sentences. When you write on quip, copy paste on Hemingway document which suggests sentences that need to be simplified, changed from passive to active and hard-to-read sentences.

4- Grammarly

This important app edits and teaches at the same time. Grammarly gives very detailed feedback on written content, including word choice problems, grammatical mistakes, and mechanical issues. The best part is that this app is it can be added to a browser extension which gives you feedback on any kind of writing that you will write on the web.

5- Draft

Created is a way that you can export and import documents and it is impossible deleting things. The Draft is markdown styling which offers a minimal interface.

Best Educators Apps

6- Memrise

This is a great educating app because it teaches the language through Gamification. You install the app and choose a language to learn from words, phrases, spellings, and definitions of works. Students easily upgrade their knowledge in the language.

7- Udacity

Offers different online courses for free, though for $200 you can get feedback from coaching, professionals, and certification for a nano degree. This app is great for those seeking to join the programming line of job.

8- Brainscape

Doubles ones learning speed because of its use of flashcards. It works well for knowledge retention by repeating the concepts severally for one to understand. The best part is according to how well you understand each concept in the app determines when you can move on to another quiz.

9- Ready4 SAT

This is great for test prep, which allows students to practice their answers to different questions. It teaches on examinable material with test-taking tips. It tries to march your SAT score to different academic programs and schools around the globe. It is a great motivator for your studies.

10- Photomath

Math is a challenging subject for most students, especially when it comes to algebra. It’s simple just take a photo of the math and the app breaks down into different steps to finding the solution. It is a great math app to work for students.

It is great to choose an app that works for your needs. Different apps are tailored for different writing needs and education needs. Educational apps are tailored for high school students and college graduates to provide help with education and still education for those who are out of school. These apps are great for writers and educators.

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